Empower Your Technology Help Desk to Support Anywhere Learning

Hybrid, remote, or on-campus.

Academic communities depend on IT support.

The pandemic has accelerated remote learning and the need for tech support at higher education institutions, putting more demands on campus IT. Ensure your help desk can support the diverse needs of every student, faculty and staff member to keep your school resilient and secure.

  • Provide robust support for Macs & PCs, iOS & Android devices to ensure access for education products
  • Make it easy for end users and technicians with fast & frictionless connection methods
  • Protect end users from malicious actors with banking-grade security

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Solve it now.

Remove barriers to academic success. Arm your technicians with the information and tools they need to diagnose and troubleshoot tech issues fast across remote learning technology, mobile devices and more.


Ensure Peace of Mind

Securely support your school with a solution built with industry-leading TLS 1.2 transport security and AES-256-bit encryption. You can even add optional security measures like IP restrictions to ensure all remote support sessions stay safely within your community.


Support Anything, Anywhere

Remote diagnostics and in-session tools help you pinpoint and resolve issues in less time. Support all the devices your students and faculty depend on with Rescue remote support, and even troubleshoot physical equipment like printers and routers with Rescue Live Lens mobile camera sharing.

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Get in Fast

Easily connect to a remote support session in a way that works best for your end users and workflow. It may be a one-click calling card installed on the end user’s desktop, a channel link or form on your IT help desk webpage, or a technician-provided PIN code and self-hosted PIN entry page – choose what's right for your school.


Expand your IT reach.


From a help desk of 10 technicians to now over 100, Southern New Hampshire University has been able to scale its support and become leaders in distance learning, all while creating a positive customer experience.

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Future-proof your IT help desk.

Support your school’s ability to stay resilient, whatever comes next. Rescue is easy to use for everyone, from the tech-savvy to the tech-challenged. Deliver secure, reliable remote support no matter how fast your campus grows.

Easy for Student Technicians
Rescue allows your support to shift left for faster resolutions. Level 1 student technicians can easily run remote support sessions and solve issues with an intuitive user interface. Instant in-session collaboration is available when extra expertise is needed.

Flexes with Your Team
IT help desk teams often benefit from shared licenses to cover student and full-time staff. Rescue offers concurrent access and permissions and allows you to add a seat – or twenty – on demand.

Flows with the Workflow
Create the ecosystem that works for your help desk. Rescue connects seamlessly to the tools you already rely on, like ServiceNow, with out-of-the box integrations and robust, open APIs. You can even leverage our SDK to offer remote support directly from your school app and other education products.

The results are in.



"Just by replacing our previous remote support solution with Rescue, we've saved money...not to mention having a product that we actually want to use."
— Robert Jung, Senior Technical Analyst, LSAC

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Fordham IT increased its same-day resolution rate from 40 percent to 75 percent and is able to support faculty and staff with the peace of mind that their intellectual property remains confidential.

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Try secure, easy-to-use remote support.

See how your IT help desk can leverage Rescue remote support to keep everyone in your academic community up and running safely and securely.