Rescue Live Lens remote camera sharing features

Empower support teams with everything they need to see the world through the eyes of your customers and remote employees – minus any time-consuming downloads.

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The Convenience of Rescue Live Lens Remote Camera Sharing


When customers and remote employees need help at home, they don't want to deal with long, frustrating phone calls or the hassle of downloading a mobile app, especially for one-time fixes. Live Lens removes these barriers to make it easy for customers and remote employees to use, and easy for your support teams to guide fixes.

Smartphone Camera Sharing
Agents can remotely view an iPhone, Android, or Windows camera to see and solve issues through a live video feed.

No Downloads
Rescue Live Lens is entirely browser-based. Customers and remote employees simply click to join a live video session without needing to download a mobile app onto their device.

Support agents draw or place various annotations on the paused video feed to help explain the solution.

VoIP Audio
Built-in audio makes it easy to communicate while seamlessly resolving the problem.


Rescue Live Lens offers the remote support experience you want to provide. Resolve issues on the first call by seamlessly bringing in additional expertise. And save valuable information captured in the session to fuel business insights and quickly diagnose issues with repeat callers.
Easily Transfer Sessions with Rescue Live Lens

Support Session Transfer

Transfer an active session to another agent without requiring the customer to start over.

Notetaking during a Rescue Live Lens Service Session

Service Agent Notes

Conveniently take notes during a session for later reference.

Screenshot the Live Video Feed with Rescue Live Lens


Capture a still image for record keeping.

Secure Service Sessions with Rescue Live Lens


Build trust with every camera sharing interaction. Recording and reporting features make auditing easy to ensure a secure and well-supervised experience for customers and your business.

Admin Center
Take granular control over the features and functions available to your agents.

Video Feed Session Recording
Save the camera sharing session for quality assurance or audit purposes.

Session Reporting
See historical data to analyze usage and calculate metrics for the team.

Security Protocols
Count on LogMeIn’s TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption.