Remote IT Support

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Helpdesk tools for remote IT support are widely available today. They offer an array of features, but only a handful offer comprehensive features for IT support organizations to fully support their users effectively over time. Many remote support tools include functionality to accomplish specific support tasks but do not provide end-to-end customer care from first call through problem resolution to post-mortem audit. Few of these remote IT support tools also offer integration hooks with enterprise applications like CRM and ticketing applications. Without such integration, organizations do not have a complete view of each remote help case.

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Use LogMeIn Rescue for End-to-End Remote IT Support

The most innovative remote support solution in the market is Rescue from LogMeIn, the industry leader in secure remote access technologies. Rescue enables support organizations to provide premium end-to-end remote IT support and customer care starting from first call to post-resolution and thereafter. It greatly increases the productivity of support technicians while reducing support costs at the same time.

Rescue provides technicians with a single environment to interact with users and their computers and devices. It supports heterogeneous PC and mobile platforms and allows technicians to chat with users via text messaging or video. With users’ permission, technicians can also gain remote computer control over users’ desktops as well as mobile devices. Furthermore, each remote IT support session can be recorded for training and audit purposes. All these features and more can be accessed through the Rescue Technician Console unified environment.

LogMeIn Rescue Integrates Remote IT Support With Enterprise Applications

To allow support organizations to provide effective and comprehensive customer care, Rescue offers out-of-box integration with common ticketing and CRM applications like Zendesk and Salesforce. To support enterprise applications that are not supported out-of-box, support organizations can leverage the Rescue Integration APIs. Out-of-box integration and Rescue Integration APIs enable remote IT support technicians to do the following:

  • Streamline support tasks -- Technicians can start Rescue remote desktop online sessions from within ticketing and CRM applications. There is no need to manually switch to Rescue, log in, and start each session. This makes workflows more efficient for technicians and improves their productivity and customer service for supported users.
  • Single sign-on -- Integration with other applications allows technicians to enter Rescue credentials only once and be able to start remote IT support sessions from other applications without having to enter their credentials again. This removes at least one step in the workflow for technicians and allows them to work more efficiently.
  • Synchronize session data seamlessly -- When Rescue is integrated with ticketing, CRM, or other applications, remote desktop session data can be automatically synchronized from Rescue to these applications when each session ends. This makes the tracking of customer engagements seamless and easy.

Start a free 14 day trial of LogMeIn Rescue today