Remote Work Is the New Reality.
4 Steps to Set Up a Successful Remote IT Help Desk.

The quick shift to remote work is now the new normal. Is your IT help desk fully powered to provide fast and efficient remote support? Watch all videos to get the inside scoop on how to set up a successful remote IT help desk.

Go from Pandemic to Plan

Get a clear view of the lay of the land as companies move to remote work as the new normal.


The abrupt disruption of social distancing required quick action to transition employees for remote work. As help desks learn how to adapt, it’s becoming clear that remote work will be the new normal. Get a clear view of the lay of the land for IT teams as we move from pandemic to plan.

Intro Video: Go from Pandemic to Plan

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Step 1:

Overcome Early Challenges

In order to create virtual help desks and service desks, IT departments must overcome some pretty big challenges around IT infrastructure, access, and security. Discover the best practices you can implement today to ensure that your business stays connected and protected at a time when malicious activity is a real concern for end users.

Step 1 Video: Overcome Early Challenges

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Step 2:

Support Uncharted Employee Needs

IT help desks must now remotely support a mix of physical equipment and environments to keep remote employees productive. Visual engagement technology like instant camera sharing has emerged as a truly helpful, fast, and effective way to bridge the distance gap. And it’s opening new opportunities for the new way of work for help desk support teams.

Step 2 Video: Support Uncharted Employee Needs

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Step 3:

Arm IT Support Teams with Superpowers

With the right in-session capabilities, you can deliver faster, more efficient technical support to your employees. Explore the three remote support features that IT help desks need to get employees back to productive work quickly while making your technicians’ jobs easier.

Step 3 Video: Arm IT Support Teams with Superpowers

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Step 4:

Stay Connected to Employees

Remote employees may feel isolated working alone. A well-connected help desk can always make them feel supported with the ability to get into a remote session quickly and easily. There’s value in providing both technician-initiated and user-initiated connection methods.

Step 4 Video: Stay Connected to Employees

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Are you taking all four steps to power remote IT?

See how you can leverage Rescue remote support and Live Lens instant camera sharing to transform your help desk, support your remote workers, and thrive in this new reality.

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