Don’t just manage your support team, innovate with it.

As an administrator, you're faced with reducing average handle times and improving end user satisfaction. With Rescue, you get the insight you need - through monitoring and reporting, to make smarter decisions.


Administration Center

Manage everything in one place.

Centrally perform management tasks such as creating and assigning permissions for other administrators, technicians and groups or create and view reports.


Technician and Administrator Management

Securely manage your helpdesk.

Create and assign administrators and technicians to specific groups and set up permissions at a granular level.

Everyone deserves seamless support.


Technician Monitoring

Generate reports of technician statistics and activity, as well as user satisfaction levels based on survey responses.


Session History & Recording

Record sessions - automatically or on a session-by-session basis - and input notes for future sessions or view the history and notes from previous sessions.


Predefined Support Channels

Predefine support channels for specific issues or escalation levels, and assign them to specific technician groups.


Active Directory Sync

Active Directory now syncs with Rescue so admins can save time by eliminating duplication of work and managing users in multiple systems.


Bulk User Upload

Bulk User Upload allows onboarding of hundreds of techs with just a few clicks. Your business no longer needs to upload new technicians one by one or utilize a developer with API knowledge.


JSON Format

Rescue admins now have the option to export session data in JSON format - allowing for more flexibility when using a custom integration or API solution to store Rescue session data.

Give your people the power to get IT done.

Start providing seamless remote support and see how your business can benefit with a free trial of Rescue.

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