Remove the barriers between mobile device support and solution.

Connect quickly — no matter the device. Rescue lets you support more mobile devices than any other remote support provider.

click2Fix Mobile device Support feature


Fix problems with one click.

Quickly identify and address common issues from one central dashboard without the need to navigate the end user’s device. Address alerts, manage connections, push settings, and more with one click.

Available for Android.
iOS Screen Sharing for Mobile Support

Screen Sharing

See the issue firsthand.

Rescue has elevated its industry-leading mobile support with iOS screen-sharing. Service users on any iOS 11+ device by seeing the user’s screen along with key iOS device diagnostics.

Available for iOS.
mobile phone support for multiple devices

Multi-Platform Mobile Device Support

Support any mobile device.

Whether users are running iOS or Android, you can provide the support they need with all the features of Rescue.

See Platform Details

Everyone deserves seamless mobile device support.


Remote Control & View

Take over your end user’s device to perform tasks as if you were there in-person, or view their device to see what they see. And even browse side-by-side in the same window.

Remote Control Available for Android. Remote View Available for iOS.

Device Configuration

Save time in your mobile support session by pushing quick configurations, such as email, network and Wi-Fi settings, passcode requirements, restrictions, and web shortcuts.

Available for Android. Select features available for iOS

System Information

Pull diagnostic information from the mobile device for easier troubleshooting.

Available for Android and iOS.


Show them what's going on.

Pinpoint exactly what users need to change in the app to easily guide them through solving problems on their own.

Available for Android.
chat feature on mobile support software

Mobile Chat

Communicate as you solve.

Communicate simply and transparently during a mobile support session while accessing the functionality you need to resolve issues fast, including:

  • Device, network, and email configuration
  • System diagnostics
  • and more...
Available for Android and iOS (limited).

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