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How to Identify Metrics and KPIs to Measure IT's Business Value Contribution

Despite IT's strategic importance, CIOs face mounting scrutiny in their technology investments — hindering progress on key digital transformation initiatives. To secure buy-in, enterprise IT leaders should establish strategic KPIs and metrics to illustrate how technologies can deliver on key business outcomes.

IT leaders who can successfully communicate their value will have a better opportunity to secure higher funding levels.

Infographic titled, "How to identify metrics and KPIs to measure IT's business value contribution."

Get complimentary access to the research to learn how to:

  • "Create metrics that reflect company strategy, drive desired business results and inform stakeholder decision making."
  • "Contextualize dashboards and KPIs for stakeholders by identifying and communicating downstream impact of KPIs within value streams."
  • "Develop performance metrics for the non-IT business partner to prepare for discussion of how IT can be used to enable outcomes that matter to your stakeholders."

Read the report to learn how to craft strategic IT metrics and KPIs that deliver on critical business outcomes, align with your company's priorities, and help you drive greater impact.

Gartner, How to Identify Metrics and KPIs to Measure IT's Business Value Contribution, James Anderson, Paul Proctor, 12 September 2023

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