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See Rescue Live Lens in action:

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See how Rescue Live Lens lets you be on-site in an instant.

Get eyes on the scene with zero downloads. Complete this form to see three short demo videos on how Rescue Live Lens bridges the distance gap, allowing you to remotely support customers and employees without missing a beat.

Why Rescue Live Lens?

Rescue Live Lens gives customer-facing teams instant visibility into any piece of equipment with browser-based interactive video support. Guide customers and remote employees in real time by viewing issues through any mobile device camera.

  • Be there with customers.
    Help customers and remote employees troubleshoot, fix, or install any piece of equipment at home or in their home office.
  • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls.
    Save a trip by guiding simple fixes remotely. Or visually inspect the device before you go to resolve the issue on the first visit.
  • Bring in senior solvers.
    Arm field agents with extra expertise. Remotely consult senior support teams or product experts in an instant.