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LogMeIn Rescue is trusted by the world’s top brands, including brands like Geek Squad, Lenovo, Symantec, HP, and Fujifilm
LogMeIn Rescue provides customer support leaders with simple yet powerful software to alleviate the common challenges they face

Customer support leaders strive to provide world-class customer experiences despite many challenges, including:

  • Increased scrutiny over customer satisfaction scores
  • Poor remote management of caseloads and escalations
  • Inadequate processes for remote monitoring and training
  • Reliance on legacy systems and manual tasks that hinder productivity
  • Limitations of phone and chat channels

Introducing Rescue

Rescue provides customer support leaders with simple yet powerful IT support software across Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, and Android devices.

With Rescue, you can surpass traditional customer support limits and equip your agents with the tools they need to quickly solve customer problems, regardless of their OS or language.

LogMeIn Rescue provides robust IT support across operating systems allowing agents to quickly solve customer problems

Rescue's tech support software can help:

LogMeIn Rescue Live Lens provides mobile camera sharing for many industries

Boost your metrics

  • Improve customer satisfaction (CSAT): Enable customers to improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by enabling customers to seamlessly request tech support through 10+ connection methods, such as a form on your website, integrations in your mobile app, or a desktop shortcut

  • Utilize smartphone camera sharing: In cases where screen share isn't applicable or available, provide IT support to customers with Live Lens, our browser-based remote camera sharing solution for iPhone, Android, and Windows with capabilities like in-camera annotations, customizable admin experiences, and session transferability
LogMeIn Rescue supports many integrations including popular integrations like salesforce, Microsoft Teams, zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and servicenow

Create frictionless experiences

  • Keep operations simple and secure: Customizable reporting, including audit trails, helps admins meet compliance requirements and optimize strategy. Additionally, free integrations with SSO and Microsoft Entra ID streamline onboarding and logins while bolstering security

  • Enhance data protection: Minimize risk and ensure customer privacy with customizable data retention and residency settings, along with granular access controls to limit what actions agents can take

  • Enable seamless integrations: Centralize your customer engagement and IT support systems with Rescue’s partner network and leverage out-of-the-box integrations with ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk and more, as well as open APIs and SDKs for bespoke solutions
LogMeIn Rescue helps make transferring remote support sessions between agents easy

Unlock agent potential

  • Enhance agent capabilities: Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) by equipping agents with AI translation, instant diagnostics, easy access to customer support history, and your company’s knowledge base

  • Streamline team monitoring: Ensure smooth operations with real-time performance metrics and customizable grouping, allowing trainers to oversee agent activities and jump in on sessions that are at risk

  • Facilitate collaboration: Enable managers to facilitate training and collaboration with up to four agents per session, or bring in external technicians without using a license

Real results: A closer look at Lenovo

Operating in 160 countries and expanding through multiple acquisitions, the global tech company Lenovo needed IT support software capable of scaling alongside its growth.

See how Rescue transformed Lenovo’s tech support with a user-friendly interface, visual engagement feature, and in-depth reporting – resulting in $1 million in annual savings.

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