Successfully supporting a globally growing customer base.

Successfully supporting a globally growing customer base.

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By using LogMeIn Rescue's remote support solution, Lenovo has achieved a lower handle time and a lower time to delivery of service, reducing the cost per incident.

We use Rescue in every contact center we have around the world. The Rescue team has been very helpful as we look for ways to better manage all of our agents worldwide.

Ronald Mitchell Director, World Wide Contact Centers

Lenovo is a global personal technology company that serves customers in more than 160 countries around the world, and one that continues to grow through strategic acquisitions, including the most recent, Motorola. The company needs to be able to support customers with its wide range of computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices, reduce the number of service repairs, and scale or adjust the support team quickly and easily.


Lenovo has remained a Rescue customer since 2010, when the company implemented remote support for the first time. When the company acquired Motorola, also a Rescue customer, migration was not only a smooth process, but also allowed for global supervision and service. The team uses Rescue + Mobile and Rescue Lens to successfully support both software and hardware issues in a wide range of devices. The interface allows admins to navigate through all technicians in all regions very easily, while flexible reporting puts the information they require at their fingertips. Additionally, the Rescue team partnered with Lenovo to integrate an API to manage agents worldwide, without having to make time-consuming changes, one agent at a time.


With Rescue, Lenovo has been able to:

  • Achieve a lower handle time and a lower time to delivery of service, reducing the cost per incident; resulting in approximately $1 million in savings per year.
  • Successfully scale support as the organization grows by having the ability to immediately add new users and train them fast, due to the straightforward nature of the Rescue interface.
  • Simplify global changes to agents and agent groups with an API integration, eliminating the need to do it manually.
  • In the near future, Lenovo will also be able to integrate Rescue Lens into their consumer mobile app to help customers troubleshoot hardware issues remotely, without an agent on site.
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