Multi-platform remote control Perform ultra-fast remote control with point-to-point technology. Access a remote computer in approximately 20 seconds or less, without any pre-installed software
Rescue Lens Rescue Lens gives you the ability to see first-hand what your client sees and support any object or device anywhere, regardless if that object is web-enabled or not
Instant chat Desktop and mobile browser based chat allows technicians to chat with end users without needing to download the applet. Instant chat can be fully embedded and customized into a web-based application to help drive your brand further
Communication Tools Demonstrate changes and enhance communication to the end user with Rescue's whiteboard and laser pointer features  
Connect on LAN Access computers on your Local Area Network and provide support and maintenance without end-user interaction
Drag and drop file transfer Drag and drop multiple files and folders through a dual-pane file transfer option
Integrated content portal Easily access external web content right from the Tech Console, like a knowledge base or FAQs
Log-in as administrator Run the Rescue applet as a Windows System Service or Mac OS X Daemon for administrator rights on a remote computer
Mobile device configuration Directly configure settings on iPhone, Android, and other legacy mobile devices without using remote control
Multi-monitor navigation View monitors side-by-side or toggle between monitors for customers 
Multi-session handling Rescue's tabbed console interface lets you toggle easily between up to 10 concurrent sessions
Reboot and reconnect Reboot and reconnect to end-user systems, even if unattended or in safe mode, for uninterrupted sessions
Remote diagnostics Gain a snapshot view of system information in a straightforward dashboard with visibility into processes, services and applications
Rescue desktop app Get direct access to the Technician Console in one click through the Windows and Mac desktop apps, no need to hassle with a browser
Support session history Input notes for retrieval during future sessions, as well as view history notes captured from previous support sessions
Technician screen sharing Share screens with end users, whether for training, or how-to fixes
Top smartphone & tablet support Quickly connect and troubleshoot smartphones and tablets, utilizing remote control, whiteboarding, system diagnostics and push configurations
Unattended access Enable computers to be accessed in unattended mode without the end user's involvement. This enables maximum flexibility to solve problems when it is convenient for both the end user and the technician.
Web-based technician console Efficiently conduct remote support sessions with Rescue's versatile online interface. Initiate new sessions or respond to online customer request waiting in a queue