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One of the main activities in an IT support organization is remote PC support. Technicians employ tools to support PCs that are in branch offices or other remote locations. Many of these tools allow technicians to communicate with their users through text or voice chat to resolve technical problems. Some tools allow technicians to connect remote desktop machines to their support consoles and remotely control them. Such tools increase the productivity of technicians substantially. The better remote PC support tools offer more comprehensive features such as encrypted secure remote access and integration with enterprise applications. The top-of-the-line remote support tool is LogMeIn Rescue. It provides all the aforementioned features and more including technician administration and management.

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LogMeIn Rescue Provides Flexible Remote Support Services

LogMeIn is the industry leader in secure remote access technologies. Its innovative LogMeIn Rescue remote support solution is a cloud-based remote desktop service that is geared towards providing comprehensive remote support functionality for IT support technicians. With Rescue, technicians can subscribe to the service and chat with users, remote control user desktops to perform diagnostic and recovery tasks either with user attendance or without, collaborate with other technicians in the same remote PC support session, and integrate Rescue with enterprise apps like ticketing and CRM systems.

Support team managers using Rescue’s Administration Center can provision technician groups based on technical expertise and knowledge. Granular permissions can be assigned to each group as well as to individual technicians and other administrators. Support organizations can manage in detail the remote desktop support responsibilities of each technician in the organization.

Further, Rescue enables administrators to create support channels which are manifested as web-based links that automatically connect users to appropriate technician groups for remote PC support. These support channels allow a user to expeditiously connect, with just one click, to technicians with expertise in the user’s problem area thereby quickening problem resolution and enhancing customer satisfaction. After each remote desktop online session, administrators can use the Administration Center to view reports of technician performance and user satisfaction levels to gauge the effectiveness of each technician.

LogMeIn Rescue Lowers Remote Computer Support Costs

The features and functionality offered by Rescue enable support organizations to improve productivity and raise customer service levels to increase user satisfaction and loyalty. As a cloud service, Rescue allows for quick technician on-boarding and remote PC support service delivery while requiring no capital investments in on-premise hardware or software. Rescue’s core functionality of online remote desktop access saves support teams time and money by reducing or eliminating technician travel requirements increasing first call resolution rates. Being able to perform support tasks remotely and efficiently using the Rescue cloud service empowers any support organization to achieve significant cost savings and fast ROI.

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