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Improve Your FCR and CSAT Scores with Remote Support and Visual Engagement Technology

Catherine Sorenson.

Catherine Sorensen

May 09, 2024

In today's competitive landscape, delivering an exceptional customer experience has become crucial for enterprises. Customers expect fast, easy, and seamless support from the moment they reach out, making the support function more vital than ever. According to Forrester, companies that quickly resolve customer issues are 2.4 times more likely to retain those customers and 10 times more likely to receive positive recommendations.

One of the key metrics used to gauge this experience is First Contact Resolution (FCR). FCR measures the percentage of customer issues resolved during the initial contact. This is crucial because 80% of customers cite speed and convenience as the most important elements of a positive experience. Deeper research also shows a 1:1 correlation between improved FCR and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, making it a significant factor in brand perception.

As the customer experience becomes increasingly important, support leaders face mounting pressure to meet customer expectations. Legacy IT tools often lack necessary integrations and access to real-time customer data. The support landscape is evolving rapidly with increasingly complex devices and varying agent experience levels. Additionally, cost pressures are a constant concern.

Remote support and visual engagement tools: The game changer in customer support

Remote support technology with visual engagement offers a revolutionary approach to customer support, empowering organizations to increase their FCR scores, increase issue resolution, and drive higher referral rates and revenue.

Fast and flexible remote support options

One key advantage of having a remote support solution with visual engagement features is the ability to provide customers with fast and flexible support options. With over ten connection methods, including APIs to initiate sessions directly from a website or mobile app integration through LogMeIn Rescue’s software development kit (SDK), companies can support and resolve their customers’ issues quickly during the initial contact.

Rescue offers two core functionalities that are key to faster FCR:

  • Remote view and control (co-browsing) allows agents to securely see the customer’s screen or smartphone camera, providing a clear view of the issue for quicker fix.
  • Zero-download visual engagement eliminates the need for customers to download software, further streamlining the support process.

With Rescue, agents can leave behind a customized, branded "calling card" applet, making it easier for customers to reconnect with the same agent moving forward, delivering a more satisfying customer experience that elevates your FCR.

Enhance agent efficiency and accuracy

Remote support tools also empower customer support agents to solve issues from hours to minutes, with greater confidence and accuracy — ultimately enhancing overall customer experience. Rescue equips agents with the necessary tools to tackle even the most complex issues with:

  • AI-powered translation: Eliminate language barriers and communicate effectively with customers of different languages.
  • Streamlined workflows: Free integrations with popular platforms such as ServiceNow, Teams, Salesforce, and Zendesk.
  • Real-time visibility: Rescue’s command center offers managers valuable insight into their team’s capacity and performance, allowing for optimized resource allocation and reduced support bottlenecks.
  • Team collaboration: Multi-session transfer that enables seamless collaboration between agents and optimal resolution the first time a customer makes contact.

Prioritize security and customer trust

Trust and security are paramount in customer support. Rescue prioritizes security in several ways:

  • Customer control: Customers are required to initiate sessions and download agent software, which deletes itself once the session ends, eliminating any potential risks.
  • Data privacy: Customizations around data residency, retention, and storage help protect customer privacy and meet compliance regulations.
  • Encryption and monitoring: Rescue uses robust security features like 256-bit AES encryption, detailed audit trails, and comprehensive logging and monitoring.

Invest in your success

Today's contact centers face a multitude of challenges, but the right technology can be a powerful ally. Remote support tools like Rescue offer all the visual engagement features necessary to navigate the most challenging support scenarios.

By leveraging Rescue to provide fast, flexible, and secure support options, organizations can significantly boost their FCR and CSAT scores, ultimately delivering exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and revenue growth.

Learn more about how Rescue's visual engagement features can transform your customer support experience at

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