They're connected. You should be too with In-App Help.

Reach users where they are to enable quicker diagnoses and faster resolutions with in-app support.

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Create a Seamless Experience

Traditionally, users who need support with their mobile apps look to website FAQs, email contact forms, and even phone support for help. But with in-app support, your users won’t have to leave your app to get the assistance they need.

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Improve User Satisfaction

With a more seamless and intuitive support channel within your app, you’ll gain quick easy access to the user’s device to fix problems faster — keeping users happy.

Remote support at any scale.


Instant Chat

Communicate with end users the way they want, where they want, with instant chat that works directly in the app.


Remote Control & View

Take over your end user’s device to perform tasks as if you were there in-person and even browse side-by-side in the same window.



Pinpoint exactly what users need to change in the app to easily guide them through solving problems on their own.


Remote Diagnostics

Get a quick summary of processes, services and applications, without digging around the users’ device, to identify the issue right away.


No Download Needed

Allow users to start the session directly in the app without needing to download another application.


Platform Agnostic

Support both iOS and Android devices.

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