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With LogMeIn Rescue, remote support technicians can quickly connect to and troubleshoot more smartphones with more support options and control. Accessing smartphones in seconds helps you increase customer satisfaction, lower overall support costs, educate mobile end users, and resolve issues on the first call. Our Click2Fix console alerts agents to problem areas and gives intelligent fixes, along with remote control, system diagnostics, file management and device configuration capabilities. Learn more about new Click2Fix.



Rescue enables support of iOS 6.0+ devices through a free app download from the App Store.



Rescue supports all Android 2.3+ devices through the GooglePlay download of "Rescue+Mobile for Android"



For simplicity and ease of use, agents get all the information they need at a glance.


In-App Support

In-App Support for your iOS or Android application with Rescue's new Software Development Kit

Android Operating System

Rescue supports all Android 2.3+ devices through the GooglePlay download of "Rescue+Mobile for Android". It virtually puts the customer's smartphone in the technician's hands and gives the technician access to system information. The technician can also transfer files, configure settings on the device and chat instantly with end users for a seamless communication experience.

Rescue gives technicians the ability to remotely control and view the following devices:

Samsung - Android 4.0+ devices (some 2.3 support is available)

HTC - Android 2.3+ devices

Motorola - Android 4.0+ devices

Sony - Android 4.0+ devices (not including updates from 2.3 - 4.x)

LG, Huawei, Asus, ZTE, TCT, Panasonic, Positivo, Lenovo

How has the rise of Androids changed mobile support? View The Android Invasion infographic.



Rescue enables support of iOS 6.0+ devices through a free app downloaded from the App Store. This advanced support tool addresses some of the most common device and application issues faced by mobile users.

Technicians and support agents can resolve issues using the following features:

View screenshots

Users can take a screenshot of any device setting or app and it automatically uploads to the technician.


Using the in-app browser, technicians and users can look at the same browser window together and technicians can push URLs or use their keyboard to input text.

Whiteboard and laser pointer

Demonstrate changes by annotating screenshots or web pages.


Communicate through local notifications, which appear as a pop-up on the device screenshots or web pages.

Device config

Push profiles to configure email, network and Wi-Fi settings, passcode requirements, restrictions and web-shortcuts.


Seamless communication during a session.

System info

Pull diagnostic info from the device.

Blackberry Operating System

Rescue supports Blackberry OS v4.2.3, 5.x, 6.x & 7.x through the download of an applet. Technicians can remotely view and control the device as if it's in their hands, access system information, transfer files and folders and chat with end users instantly for seamless communication during a session.



LogMeIn Rescue's new interface for supporting mobile devices helps agents quickly identify problems, click a fix for fast resolution, and escalate sessions if necessary. For simplicity and ease of use, agents get all the information they need at a glance.

One-click fixes include:

  • Remote control/remote view – see the user's device and use whiteboard, laser pointer, screen capture/recording and more
  • Alert bar – shows notifications of battery, firmware and application issues
  • Quick Nav – shortcuts to common setting screens (Android only)
  • Pre-defined APN push – allows preset APN for one-click push to the device
  • Battery optimization – quick push of several settings known to improve battery life
  • Radio toggles – see existing connections and turn Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS on or off
  • Web shortcuts – push an icon to an Android or Blackberry to launch a pre-set URL
  • URL push – send any URL to a device, includes recent URL memory

In-App Support

As mobile applications continue to evolve, usage and adoption grows rapidly. However, app support continues to be a challenge for customers, often needing to seek support outside of the app, through website FAQs, email, and even phone support. And poor app support not only impacts customer satisfaction, it can put a company's bottom line in jeopardy.

Optimize your customers' mobile support experience with a seamless, intuitive support channel within the app. The new Rescue Software Development Kit (SDK) for In-App Support provides quick and easy access to the end of user's app, all within the intuitive Rescue interface. 

With LogMeIn Rescue's In-App Support SDK, you can: 

- Remote View: Co-browse with your users, and see the problem in real-time

- Rescue Chat: Connect users directly with technicians, and maintain conversions throughout the session within the app

- Annotate: Guide users through your app with pinpoint accuracy with whtieboarding and laser pointer functionality 

- Access Diagnostics: Help your support technicians trouble shoot by having access to mobile level system information 

- Support without additional downloads: Users will be able to start the session directly in the app without needing to download any other application

- SDK's available for both iOS and Android platforms

Click here for more information on how to integrate SDK into your application