Financial Services is always on. Here’s how to ensure uptime.

Chuck Leddy

June 08, 2023

The financial services industry never sleeps. It relies heavily on always-on IT infrastructure, and that infrastructure needs to stay supported. What happens when a financial advisor can’t help a customer make a trade? What happens if a bank customer can’t complete a wire transfer? What if an insurance company is delayed processing a claim? In short, business grinds to a halt and the customer experience declines. This can not only erode your customer base but cost you revenues.

That’s why uptime matters – for the tools your staff and customers rely on, for the productivity of your organization, and for the IT support tools you use to support them. You need to be there in a blink whenever an end user runs into any issues with their technology while protecting sensitive data and staying compliant. This will in turn create operational effectiveness and a positive user experience that improves employee and customer satisfaction.

So how can you deliver 24/7 uptime? You should be investing in a reliable, best-in-class remote support tool that safeguards your operational continuity.

3 steps to ensuring uptime

The quality and capabilities of your remote support tools matter for your support staff. Reliable remote support tools should be easy for your agents/reps to learn and use. The right support tools improve your employee satisfaction, enabling your staff to be productive and grow in their jobs, as they drive issue resolution, customer satisfaction, and loyalty to your brand. If your support tools are hard to use, on the other hand, your support staff will be frustrated, unproductive, and may leave you.

Here's what to look for.

1. Ensure your remote support solution is reliable and ready 24/7.

Find a remote support platform with a proven track record of being available to solve any support issue at any time. Rescue, for example, has continuously delivered an industry-leading uptime of 99.99%. As we've mentioned, uptime close to 100% is an absolute must for meeting high end user expectations.

As a point of comparison, remote support tool TeamViewer doesn't come close to Rescue’s 99.99% uptime. According to Zibis Group’s Key Considerations and Differentiators When Evaluating a Remote Support Solution, TeamViewer’s performance over 15 months reveals 19 episodes of unavailability and unplanned interruptions (dreaded downtime), more than double that of Rescue. Don't just get any remote support tool, get the most reliable one.

2. Make sure it's easy (and fast) to get support.

Support tools should allow reps and customers to get into support sessions quickly, easily, and securely so issues get diagnosed and resolved faster. For example, reps and customers can get into a Rescue session within 20 seconds.

Rescue even offers multiple entry points/connection methods that are customizable and will work seamlessly and securely with any financial services firm’s unique workflows. Connections take only seconds, meaning accessing help (and help desks) is easy. Rescue provides one-click links to real-time support on support webpages or embedded into mobile applications. Thus, your support tools are reliable and support rapid issue resolution too.

3. Act fast to solve fast. 

When a remote support tool is overly complicated and challenging to use, your IT support employees (and by extension, your customers) will experience delays, mistakes, frustration, and may leave for greener pastures.

Supporting collaboration is key for any remote support solution. For example, when an inexperienced support rep confronts a tough user issue, your remote support tool should allow the “newbie” rep to seamlessly access the help of a more experienced rep in order to (collaboratively) drive faster issue resolution. Rescue, for instance, is best-in-class for supporting agent collaboration and ease of use.

Bottom line on uptime


Your financial services firm should be investing in a reliable and secure remote support platform, a comprehensive set of tools that helps your support staff quickly resolve any issues. And that goes beyond connected devices. The right remote support platform for you should have a feature set that includes mobile device support as well as camera sharing for supporting physical devices and helping with claims.


Supporting high-quality customer experiences will keep your financial services firm operational and thriving. Want to deliver uptime and great support experiences for your customers and support staff? Learn more about Rescue.

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