EX in the Time of Social Distancing: How to Get Remote Workers Set Up Quickly

Aaron Lester.

Aaron Lester

March 27, 2020

Just like that, full workforces are working remotely. Sure, working from home has been trending for some time now. But entire businesses? What was largely unimaginable just two weeks ago is now a new norm that we must all must find a way to navigate.

In the wake of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, IT teams are tasked with getting remote workers up and running – quickly – in their new work environments and continuing to support them in an effort to reduce business disruption.

A big part of that is physical IT equipment.

IT teams can no longer rely on in-office hardware and systems. They must now support an exponential number of wireless routers and printers, computers with various configurations, and of course mobile devices.

How will IT teams be able to quickly understand what they are supporting to offer efficient solutions?

By seeing it with their own eyes.

Instead of trying to describe what’s going on, which can be frustrating for remote workers who don’t necessarily speak IT’s language, and in turn for the agent to understand the issue as described and explain a solution, a zero-download remote camera-sharing solution lets IT see what the remote worker is seeing in an instant.

  • Walk remote workers through a DIY setup step by step
  • Freeze the video and draw annotations to make instructions clear
  • Show how to set up a router and mesh network for stronger internet signals
  • Troubleshoot printer problems faster than self-troubleshooting

Just to name a few.

Remote work is now for everyone.

The reality is, working with IT hardware isn’t necessarily the strong suit of many remote workers. In the past, employees who work from home could just bring a device back into the office for support on their next trip in. But now, that’s no longer an option. Spotty internet service may be manageable for a day or two at home, but it quickly becomes untenable when working remotely full-time. Panic can quickly set in when a worker encounters a problem that jeopardizes their productivity and ability to meet deadlines.

IT has always been there for employees during these times. Can your workers continue to count on you to offer that same level of support given today’s new challenges? If you can help them, and do it remotely, you’ve likely earned their trust and loyalty.

And that’s important because let’s face it: how we weather this storm will affect the health of our businesses well into the future. Companies will want to ensure that the employee experience (EX) is the best it can be to retain top talent and positively impact the customer experience (CX).

Rescue Live Lens is a purpose-built camera-sharing solution that solves this exact problem. It lets any agent get eyes on a physical device or environment through the end user’s mobile device camera with zero downloads, so there’s no barrier to being instantly on-site whenever your expertise is needed.

Are you prepared to keep providing full IT support to your remote workforce without disruption during a time of social distancing? Now’s the time to arm your IT teams with this superpower.

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