What’s new: LogMeIn Rescue now speaks your language with streamlined, expanded and AI-powered remote support from any device.

Catherine Sorenson.

Catherine Sorensen

March 26, 2024

LogMeIn Rescue by GoTo is continuously committed to making an enterprise’s tech work for them and not against them. Read ahead to learn more about how we’re empowering IT teams to defy boundaries with AI, streamlining workflows with integrations, and broadening reach expanded platform support – so your teams can spend more of their time on what they do best. Check out the roundup for the highlights.

AI Screen Translation (Beta)

Ever have to support an end user whose device was set in a different language? Or assist someone who somehow changed their application settings to a completely different language and alphabet, and can’t figure out how to switch it back? These kinds of cases make tasks that usually wouldn’t make an agent think twice, like reading menus and error messages, time consuming and confusing ordeals.

In a space where every second counts, we saw an opportunity to leverage AI to defy these language barriers within our remote support software. We’re so excited to announce the Beta for AI Screen Translation – which allows agents to translate end user screens in real time using the power of AI (powered by Google). Combining AI screen translation with Live Chat Translation lets IT teams truly service anyone – regardless of language – with the same fluency and efficiency.

AI screen translation.

Rescue Web TC

Now you can access a new, streamlined Rescue technician console from any device with a Chromium browser – no download required. Try it now for pin based attended sessions, or unattended access. Don’t worry, if you ever want the full toolkit, it’s easy to switch back and forth – although we’re continuously working on bringing in even more of your favorite features.

Rescue for Microsoft Teams

Nobody likes hopping between tools if they can avoid it – not only is it time consuming, the constant context switching makes it hard to stay in flow. Unfortunately, an agent’s tool belt often consists of several different disjointed programs. That’s why we’re working to build out seamless integrations that will either minimize the number of times they need to switch apps, or eliminate it altogether.

Chat with Rescue technician.

When talking to our customers, it’s clear that one of the most common tools in an agent’s (or anyone’s) tool belt is Microsoft Teams. So we decided to bring Rescue there. Now, agents can create and share sessions directly in Teams. From there, as they guide their end users through the connection process (which is as easy as clicking a button in Teams) they can monitor their session queue in a dedicated tab within Teams. This means they only need to open Rescue when their end users are ready to roll.

Intel vPro® KVM Native Integration

Speaking of integrations, we’re excited to share an update on our integration with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant®. We first launched this integration last year, which allowed agents to manage out of band devices, directly in Rescue. However, when it came to the KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) side of support – that is, remotely controlling the screen – the integration wasn’t as seamless as we wanted it to be. It was still within Rescue, but the embedded frame wasn’t the same UI and flow as a regular Rescue session. Now, we’re proud to offer a first-of-its-kind, fully native integration. This means that accessing Intel vPro® powered devices on the BIOS level now looks and feels exactly like a regular Rescue session.

Screen accessing Intel vPro® powered devices on the BIOS level.

Unattended Access Grouping (Beta)

For the last 20 years, Rescue has been the go-to for enterprise teams wanting fast and reliable ad-hoc support. But as businesses become increasingly distributed and remote, our customers have been experiencing a greater need for wide-scale unattended access, rather than one-off use cases, like finishing a job after hours. We noticed that, with a UI designed for the latter rather than the former, if we wanted to provide an optimized experience for scalable device management, retrofitting the existing layout could only go so far.

That’s why we’ve built a new, redesigned portal for device management and grouping. This sleek and powerful UI makes it easy for Admins to edit and organize even thousands of devices into groups – as well as decide which users or Tech Groups they are shared with.

Device management screen.

Get started with the whole new world of Rescue today

With these AI remote support features and other updates like our OpenSSL upgrade, and adding attended support for SUSE based Linux distros, we hope you’ve gotten a taste for how we’re hoping to change the game for IT teams in 2024. Learn more about these updates and what’s coming in our March Release & Roadmap Webinar.

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