What’s new: Extending the power of LogMeIn Rescue with out-of-band management and expanded OS support

Catherine Sorenson.

Catherine Sorensen

October 24, 2023

LogMeIn Rescue by GoTo is committed to making teams more productive and remote IT support even easier for you and your business. In fact, our recently commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study found that by using Rescue, on average, surveyed organizations were able to resolve computer problems 57% faster and improve Customer Effort Scores (CES) by 26%. But we’re not stopping there — we’re continuing to invest in new features to deliver more value for businesses. Here’s the roundup of all the greatest and latest features we’ve been working on to provide seamless, integrated workflows for your agents and empower your IT teams to do more with Rescue.

Provide out-of-band support to vPro PCs, directly in Rescue

You asked and we listened. Rescue now integrates with Intel’s Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) technology, so you can provide out-of-band management to vPro powered PCs, without leaving Rescue. With this release, agents can take advanced actions like connecting to the BIOS, waking devices from sleep, and updating system settings, firmware and more – all from a single pane of glass.

Rescue technician console.

While typical remote support tools require a device to be on and connected to the internet for remote access, vPro powered devices leverage Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) to connect at the hardware level, meaning you only need access to a network connection and a power source to get connected.

This means that not only can you get cloud-based access to these devices even if they’re powered off, but you can even tackle issues like OS corruption, device driver corruption, and the infamous blue-screen-of-death, right within Rescue.

Expanded OS support

Continuing the momentum from our last release, we’ve further expanded our supported operating systems and our feature parity between Windows and Linux.

Chromebook screen.

We’re excited to announce that this includes support for Android compatible Chromebooks. Now you can view these Chromebook screens, and even control Android apps on them, remotely. You can also view hardware insights and provide advanced management for the Android sandbox, like accessing the Android file manager, viewing system info, and accessing the applications list behind the scenes. All you need to connect to an agent is to download the Rescue Android app on a compatible Chromebook.

In addition, we’re expanding our support to over five new Linux operating systems. Rescue now provides certified compatibility for Ubuntu versions 20.04 and up, as well as supported compatibility for Debian 11, ARCH Linux (GNOME3+ KDE), Mint 21, Pop! OS 22.04 and IGEL 11.

We’ve also expanded support for Unicode to Wayland servers, so agents can provide support to users around the world, without limitations for international keyboards.

“We have been using Rescue for many years. It has always been really reliable in helping us and our users." – Verified User, TrustRadius Review

Calling Card for Linux is here!

We know that one of the hardest parts of providing support can be getting the session started. We created the calling card to address this issue, and we know it’s one of the most loved features within Rescue. With our last release, we brought the pin-code-based calling card to Linux, but this method requires a prior connection to an agent, where they share the pin code with the end user. With this release, we’re excited to announce that you can now customize the calling card to have not only your logo and branding but also custom channels. This means that end users can request support and provide relevant information for triaging to the appropriate agent right within the calling card.

Customized calling card for Linux.

Self Service SSO

We know that Single Sign On (SSO) is more than a luxury feature to streamline user logins – for many organizations, it’s a core security requirement. That’s why we offer it to all organizations at no extra charge rather than reserving it for enterprise customers or making it an add-on.

SSO set up in the admin center.

With this release, we’re taking SSO one step further by making it easier than ever to set up. Now, you can set up SSO in the Admin Center, without needing any involvement from your CSM or a support agent. While customer support is an important part of a relationship with any vendor, we know there are some areas you’d rather have the power to manage on your own via self-service. We’re hoping that with this release, we can make it easier for you to meet your security requirements on your terms.

“With Rescue, we could keep costs down for support and provide better service to our clients." – Verified User, TrustRadius Review

Get started with the new and improved Rescue today

While we’re excited to share these highly requested releases, they’re just the beginning for what we have in store for Rescue. Learn more about these updates and what’s coming in our October Release & Roadmap Webinar.

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