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Key Benefits of Remote Support Software Integrations

Katelyn Porter.

Katelyn Porter

October 12, 2016


When considering a vendor for remote support (or really any software), one question that always comes up is “What other applications does your solution integrate with?” While this is often a key consideration in the buying cycle, our experience is that more often than not most companies don’t actually end up moving forward with any integrations at all.  Maybe they don’t realize what is possible, or maybe they simply don’t have the bandwidth to perform the task.

With Rescue, we have a broad partner ecosystem including, Zendesk, and Service Now to name just a few.  Integrating with these partners helps our customers get the very best out of their LogMeIn Rescue deployment. Customers who do leverage the integration capabilities see a number of benefits – including:

Improved Customer Experience - When your customers contact your support center, they're looking for help. They aren't looking to repeat (and repeat) the same info, or wait (and wait) while your team bounces around from one program to another to try and figure out what the status of the problem is.  LogMeIn Rescue integrates with the leading ticketing and CRM solutions, so that you can provide the support your customers are looking for.

Increase Productivity – Your technicians actually do want to be productive, but it is easy to lose steam when they have customers frustrated on the other end of the line, are scrambling to document notes in several places, all while attempting to research previous cases. By creating a process that is more streamlined by having easily accessible tools; your agents are empowered to work smarter and get more done in less time. (And you get to skip adding additional headcount - cha-ching!)

It’s Easy – seriously, it is. With Rescue's out-of-the-box integrations, you can get the setup configured in no time. In addition to the available integrations, we also offer an API so you can easily integrate Rescue where needed.

Here is a list of the vendors that LogMeIn Rescue currently integrates with.

Still not sure where to start?  Check out this handy Integration Guide.

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