What’s New: Linux support, security enhancements, and disruption free unattended access

Katie Steward.

Katie Steward

July 24, 2023

Rescue is continuously committed to making IT even easier for you and your business. Here’s the roundup of all the greatest and latest features we’ve been investing in to safeguard your company data and improve your user experiences with Rescue

Support more device types with Rescue for Linux

Many companies are now offering Linux devices to their employees since modern versions of Linux require little hardware resources to run, they are easy to lockdown and control, and the interface is extremely similar to Windows or Macs. Now it's easy to standardize remote support for all your operating systems across your environment with one single solution.

With our new Rescue for Linux release, technicians can start a remote session, evaluate desktops, copy or transfer files from user’s devices, screen share, and more – without needing to grant Linux root privileges for remote control. And with features like Calling Card and chat, techs can work with users in real-time to pinpoint problems.

One of our core goals this year was to expand Rescue’s reach to even more ecosystems by providing support for different device types and IT scenarios. You no longer need to invest in multiple solutions or use workarounds to meet business demands. With Rescue, you can now experience seamless, simple, and fast desktop support for Ubuntu. And coming soon, Rescue will be able to work with all versions of Linux including Redhat and Debian.

Rescue now works with Linux.  

Eliminate interruptions with Rescue’s Disruption Free Unattended Access

Remote support prompts can cause extra friction when troubleshooting, especially on devices like kiosks or digital signage machines, creating a less than ideal experience. With Rescue’s new Disruption Free Unattended Access, IT teams can now provide support without interrupting key devices. 

This means no more pesky prompts, visual intrusions, or unintentionally locked devices. Think more remote support, fewer headaches. You will be able to suppress certain elements so there are no interruptions when accessing an unattended device.  In other words, the device will not be locked after use. Kiosks or display devices will remain in service and available for use without changing the state of the device or display.

And that’s not all.

Rescue’s ‘leave behind’ unattended access means you can provide simple and secure remote support anytime – that is, unless someone has purposefully removed Rescue from the device. Disruption Free Unattended Access gives you the ability to prevent your users from accidentally revoking unattended on the device, allowing you and your team to continue to provide support and get on with your day.

Rescue Disruption Free Unattended Access.

Secure and simplify account administration with enhanced Azure AD Sync and admin group permissions

Rescue is an industry leader in providing secure remote support, and we are committed to protecting your data with confidence.

Rescue’s Azure AD Sync streamlines the onboarding and, more importantly, offboarding of technicians and admins to safeguard your Rescue account. Our AD Sync tool allows you to automatically create users within the Rescue Admin Center and maintain a single repository of users within your on-prem or Azure hosted AD instance.

Rescue Azure Active Directory Sync.

Gone are the days of needing to manually create and update users in the Admin Center. For example, when an employee leaves the company, there is less overhead because you are only off-boarding in one place. Not only are we committed to product enhancements that defend and safeguard your information, but we also want to make your life easier while we do it. 

Speaking of making your life easier, our best-in-class granular permissioning now extends to admin groups, so access to reporting, controls, and more can be restricted based on the Admin’s role and clearance.

Rescue Administration Center

This leaves more flexibility to delegate tasks by allowing admins access to job specific functions without exposing other areas of the Admin Center – improving privacy and reducing administrator confusion as they only see the items they have control over.

Get started with the new and improved Rescue today

With these and other new features like additional MFA options, we are here to ensure you and your users are secure at every step in the remote IT and support experience. Learn more about these updates and what’s coming in our July Release & Roadmap Webinar.

One billion support sessions sticker.

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