Webinar recap: Frictionless support the financial service industry can bank on

Chuck Leddy.

Chuck Leddy

June 27, 2023

In the fast-evolving world of financial services, finding a remote support solution that meets the industry's strict compliance and security requirements is never easy. To further complicate matters, this industry faces increasing customer support expectations that span multiple devices and channels, from physical branches to online platforms to call centers and beyond. These challenges – and their solutions – were the focus of our recent webinar Frictionless Support the Financial Service Industry Can Bank On where we unpack how the right support tools can:

  • Meet the industry’s stringent privacy and security concerns
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Enhance customer and employee experience

Here are the highlights:

Addressing compliance and security needs

Financial services IT support teams simply cannot accept significant exposure to risks around compliance, security, and customer experience. Information in this sector (account numbers, balances, personal identifiable information, etc.) is some of the most sensitive, and thus most highly protected data maintained by any industry. Data privacy and compliance aren’t afterthoughts for financial service firms but are instead mission-critical priorities. 

Data breaches, for example, don’t “merely” cause public embarrassment and loss of customer trust, they can also result in massive regulatory penalties and costly litigation. This is where a remote support solution with military-grade security protocols comes in. 

Some of the compliance and security features to look for include:

Governance and reporting tools

Financial services companies need to monitor, collect, and report on relevant data for compliance with existing and future regulations. Your solution should generate the reporting you need to comply with regulatory standards, as well as report to your business leadership.

Connection security

You need to be able to control exactly who's connecting to your network and pre-define what level of control agents/groups of agents have over that network. People should be granted the level of access they need to fulfill their remote support role, but no more. 

Permissions/controls around data

Similar to connection security, your financial services organization should be able to define who has access to what data, for what use cases, and how agents/groups of agents can use said data. This allows your support people only have access to exactly what systems and data you specify, at a very granular level of permissions control.

Defining the right balance

The best remote support solution for financial services organizations must balance compliance and security on one side with ease-of-use and convenience for customers and agents on the other. The way to achieve that balance is to have granular permission, controls, and guidance from a partner who can share best practices to ensure that you're not sacrificing support, but you're also not increasing any risk within the [financial services] organization.

Driving efficiency in support and customer experience

Operational efficiency is ultimately about “doing more with less” while meeting the needs of customers. Here’s how Rescue enables that:

Speedy diagnostics

Driving efficiency within your remote support operation “takes quick diagnostic capabilities, so agents or technicians can speed up their troubleshooting and solve customer issues fast, the first time,” says Katie Steward, Rescue Senior Product Marketing Manager. Rescue, for example, allows agents to seamlessly collaborate on resolving issues or escalate issues to expert agents without any delay for the customer.

Performance monitoring and measurement

Rescue provides administrators and remote support team leaders with full visibility into how both their teams and individual agents are performing, so performance problems can be identified and resolved as fast as possible. As management guru Peter Drucker once put it, “only that which is measured can be improved.” 

Rescue offers session recordings, notes, history, and other performance data. “Rescue closes the feedback loop to make performance better every day,” says Ben Nevas, Rescue Account Executive, Enterprise Customer Growth, “and enables leaders/admins to easily report performance back to the business. You can save money and drive customer satisfaction by speeding up issue resolution times.” 

Tool consolidation

Having a comprehensive remote support platform saves you time and money that might otherwise be spent integrating disparate tools (or creating workarounds) and getting people to adopt them. “If you can find one purpose-built platform that does what you need with best-in-class tools and services built in, that's a ‘one plus one equals three’ scenario,” says Nevas. 

The top three reasons IT leaders consolidate tools: 

  1. Employee/user productivity
  2. Easy to manage for the IT team
  3. Cost savings

“It makes sense,” says Nevas, “because employee productivity and ease of management for the IT team are all cost savings.”

See how Rescue can help


In the end, Rescue is the remote support solution financial service firms need to manage and secure sensitive data, continually track and improve team and agent performance, and deliver faster resolution times. Watch the full Rescue webinar Frictionless Support the Financial Service Industry Can Bank On.


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