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Taking on Remote Support Trends with the Rescue Command Center

Chris Savio.

Chris Savio

February 23, 2017


We know that common industry trends, like the rise of mobile devices and the desire for instant gratification can often escalate customer demands. And so often meeting those demands require an amping-up of support organizations. That’s where the LogMeIn Rescue Command Center comes in. Rescue’s Command Center is a powerful tool that gives team leads and managers the ability to examine and respond to key performance indicators of the helpdesk – in real-time – so that Rescue users can address trends, whatever they may be, head-on.

As we work closely with our customers, they’ve expressed some of the benefits they have seen leveraging the Command Center. Here are a few that come up most frequently:

  • Optimize team allocation. With the real-time data served up by company, groups, channels or technicians you can view current capacity, active sessions, and average handle times. By using this information, helpdesks can ensure teams are staffed appropriately and take actions to prevent support bottlenecks.
  • Giving customers peace of mind. Set custom thresholds within the Command Center to know when the support team is potentially outside of SLAs so resolution steps can be taken immediately - while at a desktop or on your mobile device.
  • Identifying strengths and opportunities. Use the aggregated dashboard to analyze and identify macro issues, or drill into specific sessions - active or closed - to analyze the chat log and uncover why a session took longer or was rectified so quickly.

Creating a world-class support team that can meet the evolving trends and expectations of customers is no easy feat. Being a partner in helping companies meet that mission is a responsibility we take very seriously. We talk to customers, learn from them and continue to evolve LogMeIn Rescue and the Command Center according to what’s happening in the industry today and what we see in the future.

Stay tuned for regular updates on product updates, feature and tips and tricks.

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