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3 Surprising Ways to Leverage Co-browsing

Laurie Asmus.

Laurie Asmus

September 15, 2020


Co-browsing is simple enough. It’s the ability of two parties to share the same webpage and jointly navigate it together. But when you look at the benefits, there’s much more to it than that.

In our humble opinion, co-browsing is a tool that should absolutely be in the toolbox of every customer-facing team. It can be leveraged to enhance the customer experience (CX) with concierge-level service and support across the customer journey. At least, that’s what Rescue Live Guide is purpose-built for.

But what does a great co-browsing experience look like? How and when should you use it? And what can you accomplish with it?

Glad you asked. Here are three beneficial use cases of Rescue Live Guide:

Boost customer self-service.

As much as you try to make your self-service portal easy to use and navigate, there are times when a customer decides to call in for help. Maybe their needs seem more complicated than what they can manage online. Perhaps they don’t have the time to figure it out on their own. Or they’re simply hesitant to use self-service, to begin with.

This is when you can guide them through the process and teach them how to self-service. Hop onto a Live Guide session and walk them through every step. As a result, self-sufficient customers will save your contact center calls in the future.

For example, let’s say you have a customer who isn’t sure how to update their subscription package online. Here’s how you can help guide that customer with Live Guide co-browsing:

Reduce drop-offs in form conversions.

Lengthy, complex forms can be confusing to customers and cause a lot of second-guessing. They may sideline the form for another time or abandon it altogether, which impacts your top-line growth. Let’s make things easier for your customers with Live Guide to reduce drop-offs, speed up form conversions, and generate more business faster.

By seeing what your customer sees, the agent can visually guide the customer through the form and answer any questions along the way. There may be some private customer information on that form, but that’s no problem. Live Guide masks sensitive customer data like social security numbers or bank information from the agent’s view, giving your customer peace of mind.

Think about mortgage applications. Here’s how Live Guide can help:

Ensure customer success with onboarding and training.

You don’t want customers to just buy your product or service. You want them to use it. When customers gain more value from their purchase, they’re in turn more valuable to your business. These are customers who stay loyal longer and at a lower cost of service.

Be sure they understand how to use your product or service to fit their specific needs from the get-go. Leverage Live Guide to work with them shoulder to shoulder as they use your product or service for the first time. You can point out specific benefits and functionality to guide them as you discuss how they can use it day-to-day. Here’s how that looks:

Because Live Guide doesn’t require calling in your web team to deploy it on your site (although you do have that option if you like), business users can get started co-browsing with customers immediately. Still, figuring out how and where you’ll use it? Download our handy Live Guide Use Case eBook to learn how you can leverage Live Guide across your organization.

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