Rescue Live Guide, our new co-browsing software solution

No more guessing. See what your customers see on any website with Rescue's secure, standalone co-browsing technology.

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Cut through the confusion to deliver a better customer experience (CX).

Customer-facing teams struggle when they can't visualize what their customer sees, and it leaves customers frustrated. Get to the heart of the matter fast with real-time and secure co-browsing. It augments the engagement channels you already use, like phone and chat, to let you see your customer's screen on any web page.

  • Differentiate your CX with the white-glove service customers will appreciate
  • Remove business risk by controlling what customer support agents can see or do
  • Drive digital adoption by showcasing how co-browsing works so customers won't have to call back in

Leverage co-browse across the customer journey.

As a standalone solution, you can implement Live Guide across the organization, allowing more teams to help guide customers at pivotal touchpoints.

Customer Service and Support - Rescue Live Guide

Service & Support

Swoop in to help customers find a resource online, adjust a subscription, or troubleshoot an issue to get them on their way fast.

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Guide Customers through the Conversion Process - Rescue Live Guide


Guide customers through complex online forms like loan applications or insurance claims to remove any barriers and prevent drop-off.

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Onboard Customers - Rescue Live Guide


Show your customer how to best leverage your online products and services to increase usage and reduce support calls down the line.

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Data Privacy and Security - Rescue Live Guide

Build customer trust and reduce effort.

Organizations are seeking out visual engagement technology like co-browsing tools to help build customer trust and deliver an effortless experience.1 The problem is, the existing tools companies use for co-browsing fall short. Businesses cite the following issues: requires web resources to add co-browsing on their site, restricts co-browsing sessions to just one domain, and concerns that it puts data privacy at risk.

Only Rescue Live Guide has the unique combination of customer interaction capabilities to help organizations meet their top CX priorities.

1 Rising Customer Expectations Drive Adoption Of Visual Engagement Tools, Forrester Research, Inc., March 2020.

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Browser-Based Co-Browsing - Rescue Live Guide

Instant Deployment
Unlike other co-browsing software solutions, Live Guide gives you two implementation options: start now with codeless deployment or insert a single line of code for a more integrated customer experience.

Unparalleled Flexibility
No mobile apps or plugins needed — customers can use any device, any mainstream web browser, and go to any web page. Leverage this purpose-built solution across all of your customer-facing teams.

Worry-free Security
Live Guide is architected for the most secure co-browsing experience possible. It connects to an isolated browser in the cloud, not the user's device and protects customer's sensitive information.

Explore Live Guide Features