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They Don’t See Me Rollin’: Reducing Truck Rolls with Video Support and Camera Sharing

Jack Squires

June 10, 2020


Got fleet? A single truck roll can cost as much as $1,000 a pop. If you factor in direct costs, like labor time and vehicle usage, and indirect costs, like the opportunity cost of not having technicians available for revenue-producing tasks, your true cost is likely even higher.

Meanwhile, demand for service is only rising. Business Insider projects that there will be more than 41 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2027, up from about 8 billion in 2019. These are devices that will require installation, configuration, and ongoing support from service teams. Equipment that isn’t connected to the IoT is also becoming more sophisticated, requiring service expertise.

And then there’s the customer experience (CX) to consider. CX is the battleground for business today, and companies with field service teams are no exception. Customers expect fast, effortless service. But truck rolls can prolong the time to resolution.

We say stop rolling. Or at least, stop rolling as often.

Many fixes can be handled 100% remotely using Rescue Live Lens instant camera sharing. There’s nothing for customers to download. The browser-based solution uses the camera on any mobile device so techs can get eyes on the scene immediately and guide users step by step with agent annotations.

And this matters to your metrics.

First-Time Fix Rate

Failure to dispatch a qualified tech for the job, to send the right tools or parts, or to account for unique conditions like access restrictions can lead to additional visits. Get eyes on the scene before you go and plan for success the first time.

No Fault Found (NFF)

Dispatching a truck for a service call that’s easily resolved is a waste of time and resources. Use instant video support to knock out simple issues virtually.

Number of Jobs Completed

Companies want to be as efficient as possible. Tackle more service calls at a distance without factoring in windshield time.

Schedule Adherence

Field techs need to stay on schedule, but sometimes complex issues can delay resolutions. With Live Lens, dispatched techs can easily consult senior teams to guide faster resolutions.

Safety and Liability

There are many safety and liability issues to consider when sending techs on the road. During the pandemic, the risk of exposure for your people and your customers adds to the list. Handling more issues remotely lessens these concerns.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers must often wait hours on end for someone to show up, and when they do, they may not be able to resolve the issue. Start with remote visual guidance to provide a better experience.

How will your business improve your field service metrics in the future? Experience a Live Lens demo today to see instant camera sharing in action.

See how Rescue Live Lens lets you be on-site in an instant. Click to request a demo.

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