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The most reliable and easy-to-use tool for remote support needs.

The most reliable and easy-to-use tool for remote support needs.

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The technician team finds LogMeIn Rescue to be the most reliable and easy-to-use tool for their remote support needs.

Rescue changed the way we manage our Centralized Service Desk function and provide support for our associates who are on the move, working out of global locations. Rescue makes our jobs easier, and enables us to get more done in less time, with fewer people. We really like Rescue’s connectivity speed and easy-to-use interface, which help us be more effective in our 24X7 operations.

Prag Chaudhari, Project Manager, Technical Infrastructure Management - Centralized Service Desk, Tech Mahindra

From two locations in India, Tech Mahindra Ltd runs a Centralized Service Desk (CSD) that provides 24/7 remote support to nearly 100,000 associates working from Tech Mahindra offices and client locations across the globe. Tech Mahindra had been using a competitive solution for support, but were unhappy with its connectivity, speed, user-interface and overall functionality. Specific capabilities – remote reboot and connect; support for various smartphones; file transfer; multiple session handling; and others – were becoming key challenges to Tech Mahindra’s goal of service desk efficiency. The company began looking for a better tool.


Tech Mahindra evaluated multiple tools, including WebEx, R Admin, Net Meeting, and LogMeIn Rescue. After a thorough comparison, Tech Mahindra found that Rescue was clearly the best tool to meet its functional and non-functional needs. The evaluation team, along with the user community, liked Rescue’s easy-to-use interface, connection speed, mobile support and sophisticated capabilities, such as advanced administrative control, that were missing from their current solution and far superior to any of the other products they evaluated had to offer. The team chose Rescue to support the PCs and mobile devices of associates who work off Tech Mahindra’s client locations or are on the move.


It didn't take the Tech Mahindra team long to become proficient with Rescue. Within a week, they were old hands. Having used Rescue now for a number of years, Tech Mahindra remains very happy with Rescue’s performance and their decision to make it their remote support solution. Among the specific benefits Tech Mahindra has realized with Rescue:

  • Reduced AHT and improved FCR, thanks to features like remote reboot and connect, connectivity, and file transfer speed.
  • Increased service desk efficiency, facilitated by being able to support both PC’s and smart phones/mobile devices from one solution.
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