LogMeIn Rescue helps Hologic deliver customer support efficiently and successfully.


With Rescue, Hologic has improved customer satisfaction while saving money.

First Call Resolution is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s become an expectation. With Rescue, we’re better able to meet that expectation.

Brad Shafton, Director, User Services , Hologic

Hologic’s user support group handles roughly 4,000 incidents each month, helping customers with their questions supporting the sophisticated diagnostic, medical imaging and surgical equipment that the company provides. Half of the incidents are managed via phone support, with fully 50% of these requiring remote control, a number that has doubled in each of the last two years. In supporting its customers, Hologic faces a number of challenges. For one, while users have expertise in the clinical use of their equipment, they may be less familiar with the underlying technology. For another, the commercialization of advanced technology has raised the level of expectation that customers have that support will always be available, and the problems will be quickly resolved.


With more and more support sessions calling for remote control, Hologic chose LogMeIn Rescue for their support solution. They selected Rescue because, as Director of User Services Brad Shafton says, the company wanted to arm their support technicians with a tool that would help them “do their jobs more efficiently and more successfully.” With its high reliability, connection speed, and expansive remote control capabilities, Rescue is a solution built for support efficiency and success. Hologic has also adopted Rescue Lens, which provides real-time video streaming via mobile devices. Lens enables Hologic’s users to easily and securely transmit instantaneous video sessions to the support desk, enabling technicians to quickly verify device information such as part numbers.


With Rescue, Hologic has improved customer satisfaction while saving money. For just one of its four product groups, reduced live customer visits by five per month, resulting in travel savings of more than $50K/year. Given the criticality of support in a healthcare setting, Rescue is of critical importance for Hologic.

  • Increase the “time to abandon:” customers are willing to wait longer to engage with a technician because they’re confident their problem will be resolve on the first call. Decreased handle time with real-time video streaming, eliminating the need for customers to snap a picture and relay it to support via email.