Increase First Time Fixes with Interactive Video Remote Support

Ryan Lester.

Ryan Lester

June 12, 2017


“Process improvements” may be a business world buzz word – but it’s not all hype when organizations introduce the right technology tools. Enter live interactive video and augmented reality—a technology that lets field service organizations streamline their operational processes, and increase first-time fix rates and productivity.

Today’s customers expect companies to engage with them via every new channel that comes along: email, web chat, social media, and so on. While video in itself is a relatively new channel, when used appropriately, it can supplement existing communication channels to help ensure that problems are completely resolved—whether it’s via an agent in the call center or a field service rep on the road.

And that’s really the ultimate goal – to fix an issue the first time, every time. When added as a core component of every customer support experience, video can be a natural escalation path when issues are too complex for phone or chat, for example.

Seeing problems first-hand lets agents provide more targeted support. Instead of running through a standard remediation checklist, agents can make an informed suggestion based on what they see, and narrow down the list of potential remedies. The agent can also see if the problem stems from user error and whether the customer is following the remediation steps properly. As a result, service issues are addressed more efficiently and with less customer friction. Live video also increases the number of support calls that can be handled in the call center versus in the field.

When a truck roll is necessary, video can be used to help field technicians increase first-time fix rates. When agents encounter an issue they can’t solve, they can share live video with the senior technician. The more senior rep can use smart whiteboarding or a chat overlay to direct the onsite tech through the repair work.

Similarly, support reps who work for resellers or distributors can use video to get assistance from equipment manufacturers. For example, an appliance repair technician employed by a department store may work on a wide variety of smart refrigerator brands and models. If a tech has a problem they’ve never seen before, he can call the manufacturer and solve the problem on the spot.

Video is definitely emerging as a key weapon in the service agent arsenal, but before incorporating video into operational processes, companies should identify and track key metrics they want to improve. To accurately measure the return on investment (ROI), organizations should measure all parts of the operational process. The new video-assisted support process may at first increase call times as agents learn to incorporate video, but in turn first-time fix rates are also likely to increase.

Supplementing existing processes with live interactive video and augmented reality can help field service organizations increase operational and cost efficiency. What’s more, improving agent productivity and first-time fix rates has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

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