How to Incorporate Simplicity into Your Remote Support Strategy

Marin Rowe.

Marin Rowe

September 29, 2017



We all like things to be simple right? By nature, we flock to things that we can just "set and forget". And while that mentality likely doesn't work for most things in life -- we look for the options that get us as close to simple as possible. Remote support solutions are no different. Some are super complex -not very user friendly and the cost of maintenance can be enormous. When choosing a remote support solution, simplicity should be the cornerstone of your remote support software solution.


Here are three main features that will help simplify your life (and your support processes):

1. Choose SaaS-based

When you choose a SaaS-based solution you're opting for no hardware, infrastructure, or software maintenance. The vendor handles all of this for you. Doesn't get much simpler than that. You get all the benefits of enterprise-level technology, without the enterprise headaches of maintaining infrastructure and software.

A report from Forrester found the ROI of SaaS can be summed up pretty easily. "Implementation and updates are usually far quicker; configuration is lighter and more iterative than the heavy upfront customization that often characterizes on-premises deployments". It also means the system roll outs happen on a uniform basis, ensuring your entire team has access to the most up to date version of your remote support solution. By choosing for a SaaS based remote support solution, you're choosing for simplicity and ease - for both your technicians and your customers.

2. Quick diagnostics

It's one thing to set up a connection, but it's another thing to diagnose the problem. Your technicians are already swamped with end-user requests. The last thing they need is a complicated system that makes their job difficult. Make sure your remote support solution is able to seamlessly set up a remote session, so that your technicians can take control of your end-users computers, run diagnostics, and troubleshoot issues easily because in the world of remote support, "ain't nobody got time for that".

3. Ease of Connecting

Ease of connecting to a support session is a paramount for your remote software solution, and we don't mean just for your technicians. Your users should also be able to easily initiate a session with one of your technicians in just a few clicks. Your end-users shouldn't have to download software or jump through hoops to get the dedicated, professional advice your technicians can provide.

Additionally, your customers should be able to initiate support session through their chosen communication channel. Omni-channel service provides your end-users a seamless session with the veneer of simplicity. You can also use an omni-channel approach to help route customers to the appropriate technician. This will focus the efforts of your technicians, allowing them to become quicker and more knowledgeable over a certain domain, and consequently, deliver better, faster solutions to end-users.

Make simple support not just what you do, but who you are. See how Make-a-Wish has made support simple with Rescue

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