Visual Engagement Tools Deliver Great CX: What You Need to Know

Marie Ruzzo.

Marie Ruzzo

June 09, 2020


In an increasingly remote world, a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows that visual engagement technology can solve top customer experience (CX) priorities. These tools will allow agents to create a more personal and secure customer experience at any distance. But not just any tools will do.

What does a great CX look like?

Your customer experience (CX) can make or break your business. These days, your customers, and even your employees, are comparing their experiences with your company to the best experiences they’ve had with any other brand, regardless of industry. To deliver on these high expectations, Forrester's survey for the study finds that CX professionals are prioritizing creating experiences that build trust and reduce customer effort.

Visual Engagement Graphic 1

Visual engagement technology boosts agent conversations.

To help deliver these experiences in agent-assisted interactions, companies are looking to visual engagement technology. Specifically, co-browsing that lets the agent see what the customer sees online as they offer guidance through various digital experiences, and camera-sharing that gives the agent a live video feed of the customer’s physical space to help solve issues with equipment or products.

Both of these technologies give agents a real-time lens into what the customer is experiencing, something popular engagement channels like phone and chat cannot do on their own. CX professionals are banking on visual engagement to augment these agent-assisted interactions.

Visual Engagement Graphic 2

But only the best will do.

Adopting the right visual engagement technology is critical for brands focused on increasing customer trust and decreasing customer effort as their top CX goals. Take it from survey respondents who already use subpar visual engagement tools:

Visual Engagement Graphic*

If your tools have these drawbacks, creating trusting and effortless experiences will be a difficult, if not impossible task.

LogMeIn can help.

Rescue offers two new visual engagement solutions to solve these pain points.

Both Rescue Live Guide co-browsing and Rescue Live Lens camera-sharing can be leveraged from any of your existing engagement channels, like phone and chat, allowing all customer-facing teams to see the world through your customers’ eyes and guide them to faster resolutions on both digital properties and physical spaces.

Rescue’s Visual Engagement Tools:

  • Start instantly with zero downloads. Both solutions are browser-based with no downloads required. This eliminates customer effort right off the bat.
  • Let agents annotate on screen to clearly guide customers with visual cues for effortless customer experience.
  • Offer mobile SDK so you can keep the customer experience in your mobile app with seamless co-browsing and camera-sharing capabilities.
  • Mask the customer’s private and personal data during co-browsing sessions. This is key to building customer trust, a top CX priority.
  • Block agents from clicking action buttons like “Buy now” during co-browsing sessions, again to help build customer trust.

Be sure to download the full Forrester study, Evolving Customer Expectations Drive Adoption Of Visual Engagement Tools, to dig deeper into how CX professionals expect visual engagement technology to realize their top priorities. And leverage Rescue’s purpose-built visual engagement solutions to help you reach yours.

  1. Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LogMeIn, March 2020
  2. Base: 300 customer experience and support/service, eCommerce, field service, and/or digital innovation decision-makers
  3. *Base: 164 respondents with visual engagement tools

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