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My Top 10 Rescue Pro-Tips

Justin Bell.

Justin Bell

June 02, 2016


In talking with customers each and every day it occurred to me that there are a lot of hidden gems within Rescue remote support that most people don’t know about – shortcuts, features, and much more.  Which is a shame because we all like it when tasks can be done in an easier more efficient way right?  Now, admittedly I’m not David Letterman, but I always enjoyed his top 10 lists – so in an homage to the former Late Night host, I created one of my own.  Here we go – the Top 10 Best Kept Secrets within Rescue.

#10 -- When initiating a connection after the download occurs, easiest option for finding download location is using the shortcut key Ctrl+J to open the download folder. Rescue should be in the top of this list.

#9 -- All versions of IE allows user to simply “Run” the application as opposed to saving.

#8 -- Once initial feature is enacted on user’s device, a permission prompt will appear. Simply asking the customer “Can you click ‘OK’ on that?” goes a long way to proceeding further into the session more quickly.

#7 -- Prior to every Reboot, you will need to restart as a system service. This is done prior to remote control on the “Customer Desktop” tab by clicking the “Restart as a system service” button.

#6 -- Any time a session fails to connect you can have the customer try starting the applet in diagnostic connection mode. This is done from the customer end by holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift>, prior to clicking the “Connect to Technician” button and holding those keys down until the applet is fully downloaded and executed. This also allows Rescue to connect in a mediated connection through our DataCenter, which can be useful in cases where P2P may be blocked or limited. You can verify the connection is in diagnostic mode if there are “debug” messages in the user’s customer applet.

#5 -- You can click the star beside any script to add it to your list of favorites.

#5 -- Spellcheck is not enabled by default, but can be enabled by technicians.

#4 -- Many custom preferences can be enabled from the “Options” menu. This can allow you to default all sessions to use “Tear-away” by default, default color settings, even auto-starting private sessions removing the necessity to click the start button for private sessions.

#3 -- In the event of a failed session or anomalies, you can have a customer capture the Rescue log by selecting the customer applet and pressing Ctrl+L. This will open a notepad with the entire log, have them email this to you in the event you need to log a support ticket with LogMeIn.

#2 -- In the event that a session is performing slowly on Vista and up, this can be caused by the “Aero” interface. Aero can automatically be disabled and re-applied after the session end by using the “Disable wallpaper and visual effects” checkbox. This option stays checked across sessions.

#1 -- The Ctrl+Alt+Delete button is only available after restarting as a system service.

So there they are – no longer a secret and ready for you to try. I could probably come up with a hundred more, but these are certainly the ones I come across most often. For more advanced functions please see the Technician Console Userguide or give us a shout!

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