Rescue 7.50 delivers remarkable color and speed

Chris Handley

April 21, 2022


With the latest release Rescue 7.50, technicians will experience a faster, smoother join flow and in-session experience, great session reliability, and higher streaming quality.

No one has time for slow technology. Speed of connection and quality of in-session experience are two hallmarks of a great remote support solution. If the product is slow to connect or the screen doesn’t keep pace with the conversation, then the experience will frustrate both the technician and end users, and likely take longer than necessary to troubleshoot the issue. 

At Rescue, we’ve been hard at work continuously optimizing the Rescue experience for our users. Rescue 7.50 was tested by customers during a lengthy beta period and is now available to all Windows users. The new version of the Rescue technician console connects to a WebRTC-based tech stack and a next-generation media service, providing a massive performance boost for Windows users.

Rescue 7.50 delivers a dramatically improved agent experience with: 


  • 2x faster connection times when initiating sessions and vastly improved streaming quality (2x increase in frames per second) once connected to the remote desktop.
  • Virtually lag-free mouse inputs and movements due to lower latency and higher frame rates. The 3x improvement in color reproduction makes technicians feel like they are physically at the remote machine. 

Seeing is believing. In this video, a 4k YouTube video is playing via the Rescue remote stream. On the left is the Rescue 7.0 media service (the "before") and, on the right, the new media service in Rescue 7.50 (the "after").

Side-by-side comparison of Rescue 7.0 and Rescue 7.50


We also packed some additional enhancements into this release, including: 

  • Recordings: MKV/VP8 file format for screen recordings is now supported for all session types. Customer can also store their session recordings with a 3rd party provider like DropBox or One Drive.
  • Calling Card: Previously only available via mass install, users may now deploy the Mac Calling Card from the Technician Console while in an active session.
  • Shortcuts: Additional hotkey support has been added so that users can quickly navigate the Tech Console dialogs.
  • UI: We’ve given the Applet a refresh for a more modern look and feel. The Calling Card will get refreshed in early May.
Rescue applet gets a refresh [screenshot].


Rescue Applet


Rescue applet gets a refresh [screenshot].

New Calling Card (Coming in May!)


What are you waiting for? Get going now and solve the toughest issues with lightning-fast speed, battle-tested session quality and reliability. Users can download Rescue 7.50 today.


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