Co-browsing Steps Up to Solve Today's Remote Challenges

Marie Ruzzo.

Marie Ruzzo

May 12, 2020


Social distancing has changed the way we buy and work. For most brick and mortar stores, it has accelerated their digital strategies and highlighted a need to recreate the personal, concierge style experience once delivered in-store, online.

Introducing Rescue Live Guide, our instant and secure co-browsing solution. Announced at CXNext, Live Guide enables all customer-facing teams across the organization to provide personalized, concierge-level visual guidance on any digital property.

Introducing Rescue Live Guide, Instant and Secure Co-browsing

Welcome to Co-browsing 2.0

Co-browse technology has largely been underutilized for customer service, supporting only 0.1% interactions – a hidden gem, according to Gartner. Now that more interactions are online, leaders are looking to visual engagement solutions like co-browsing to fast-track digital transformation and help businesses get closer to their customers.

But there are some inherent challenges with traditional co-browsing tools that have hindered companies from using it more extensively, such as delayed deployments due to lack of web resources, security vulnerabilities, and lack of flexibility.

With Rescue Live Guide, LogMeIn is removing these obstacles. It’s a new, modern approach to co-browsing.

“We’ve been very impressed with how seamless the whole process has been. The solution was easy to set up and didn’t require deployment support. Additionally, the advanced security features meant we could have peace of mind that any sensitive information or data would be protected.”

– Sarah Adams, Senior Account Manager at Teleperformance UK and South Africa

Key features of Live Guide:

Instant Deployment

  • Unlike other co-browsing solutions, Live Guide gives you two deployment options.
  • Codeless: Start co-browsing instantly, anywhere, without making website changes.
  • Code-based: Add a single line of code to offer the most integrated website experience possible.

Worry-free Security

  • Live Guide is uniquely architected for the most secure co-browsing experience possible. It connects to an isolated browser in the cloud, never to the end user’s device.
  • Built-in privacy functionality prevents agents from viewing sensitive customer data (like a credit card number) or taking certain actions on behalf of the customer (like buy now).
  • It’s built by LogMeIn, a trusted provider of support solutions, with TLS 1.2 transport security and AES-256-bit encryption.

Unparalleled Flexibility

  • Unlike other co-browsing solutions, Live Guide lets agents follow the customer journey wherever it takes them – even to other websites.
  • Customers are free to use any device and mainstream browser.
  • Privacy functionality can be activated for all web properties, not just your own.
Live guide pop-up screen.

You’re remote too? No problem.

Live Guide is entirely browser-based, so if you’ve got a computer and internet connection, you’re ready to roll. Grab the Rescue Live Guide data sheet for a snapshot of this new solution, and see it for yourself with a personalized demo.

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