Keeping customers mobile by supporting them where they are.


Keeping customers mobile by supporting them where they are.

We're able to go above and beyond for our customers by supporting any issue related to Motorola – their phone, Wi-Fi, applications, software, hardware – even when they're unable to relay exactly what they’re experiencing.

Theo Koufalias, Global Content Manager

Motorola makes it their mission to change people’s lives for the better through the magic of mobility. Through support centers located in the U.S., the Philippines, India, Brazil and Latin America, the global company needs to be able to support customers with any issues related to their device, a third-party application or a service they’re trying to connect to. Some of the challenges Motorola faced were:

  • Customers explained issues one way, but agents understood it a different way. Language barriers between agent and customer made it difficult to fully understand the problem. Lacked the ability to visualize the issue, eliminate guesswork, and resolve issues quickly.

The Motorola team uses Rescue remote support to help resolve any technical issues customers have with their mobile devices. Rescue Lens video allow Motorola to handle issues with hardware like the Moto 360 smartwatch and Moto Mods snap-on accessories. By seeing what their customer sees on the screen or on the physical device, support staff is able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, without lengthy explanations or communication gaps.


With Rescue, Motorola has been able to:

  • Decrease average handle time when servicing global customers by gaining visibility into the issue at hand and eliminating language barriers. Decrease no fault found device returns. Agents are able to see what the customer is experiencing, investigate the issue and pinpoint a solution through remote examination. During a 3-month pilot program with Motorola’s largest U.S. carrier, no fault found rates dropped 12% when agents from both companies were able to collaborate and support to their shared customers with Rescue. Deploy Rescue and Rescue Lens to their global support staff, in multiple departments, connecting the entire team to one support platform for consistency of service.. Run reports on a specific agent or regional group usage, and provide virtually any support-related information needed by the company to gain insights.