Watch Your Bottom Line: 3 Ways to Use Rescue for Cost Savings

Chuck Leddy.

Chuck Leddy

March 12, 2023

News about the economy is everywhere these days, with pundits, economists, and business leaders making different predictions about what might happen and what businesses can do now as economic headwinds prevail (cut operating costs, “do more with less,” etc.).

While it's always a good idea to be budget-conscious, it's essential to understand that some investments can actually help your organization reduce its operating costs. Here are three ways to leverage Rescue to drive cost efficiencies for enterprises like yours. 

1. Let your L1 agents do more.

Save Money by Automating and Optimizing Your Support

Recurring issues can take up a lot of support staff time. These common problems can instead be handled by scripts. Let’s say an experienced Level 2 agent has fixed a problem multiple times in the past. By adding that “fix-it” script for that problem in Rescue, Level 1 agents can then leverage that scripted fix to quickly resolve that problem in the future. This saves your L1 agents a lot of time and frustration when troubleshooting the issue or getting trained on how to resolve it.

With pre-written, approved scripts, less-experienced agents who may not know how to handle certain issues are instantly enabled to fix them. 

Rescue also enables seamless agent collaboration, so if an L1 agent gets stuck on an issue, help from a senior solver is always just a click away. L1 agents can confidently manage more sessions, knowing they can easily reach out for help in the session – a seamless experience for your agents and a big benefit for your user/customer experience. By resolving more issues on the first call, you can save real money.

2. Go onsite less.

Cut Resolution Times and Travel Costs

Time is money. Support issues need to be resolved rapidly and effectively in order to maintain your business revenues, the productivity of your support team, and your customer experience. By leveraging a live video feed to diagnose issues remotely and guide customers through solutions, as Rescue enables, you don’t necessarily need to visit sites in order to gain access to devices and resolve issues.

Rescue empowers your team to identify issues/incidents quickly and accurately without the endless back-and-forth around diagnosing the problem that frustrates everyone involved and hurts your business’s bottom line. Once you see what’s going on, you guide the customer through a fix remotely.

This is also great for companies that send technicians onsite. Truck rolls are expensive (about $1,000 a pop!), result in slow resolution times, and being unprepared for what to expect at the customer’s site costs you real money. Instead, leverage camera-sharing to assess the issue remotely and either guide the customer through a fix on the spot or send out a technician with everything they’ll need for the job. This can save your organization lots of money while also keeping your support people and users/customers happy.

3. Get more out of your team and tool.

Optimize Your Team and Tech with Rescue's Command Center

When you’ve invested in a solution, you want to be sure to get your money’s worth and leverage it to its fullest potential to save you time and trouble down the road. 

Poor managerial oversight costs your support team money and hurts agent productivity, as well as negatively impacting your customer experience. Yet managers of distributed and remote-work teams can struggle with a lack of visibility into the day-to-day activities of their support teams. If managers can’t see their agents at work, how can they ensure that agents are: (1) delivering a consistent customer experience (CX), (2) using tools that are secure and reliable, and (3) performing up to agreed-upon expectations and pre-defined quality standards? All of which can cost your enterprise money.

Rescue resolves these managerial pain points by giving managers unmatched controls and reporting capabilities that allow them to proactively monitor and optimize their support people and operational efficiency. In Rescue’s Command Center, managers can view metrics such as: total sessions per agent per day, average handle time per agent, and the current status of live sessions. These stats provide managers with insights into the productivity of all their support agents and can help them focus on agent and team improvement efforts.

For instance, if an agent is struggling with a specific support case, a manager would have immediate visibility into the interaction and could reach out to the agent to see if there's a better way to resolve the issue, or even to bring in a more experienced/expert agent who could help the struggling agent resolve the issue. 


Always be prepared.

Whatever the economic forecast happens to be, Rescue can help your enterprise drive operational and cost efficiency to help you save money. 

Try Rescue free.

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