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See how Quatrro Business Support Services used LogMeIn Rescue to easily manage and monitor its client infrastructure remotely and provide internal IT support.


Quatrro Business Support Services (Quatrro BSS) is a global organisation specialising in providing cost-effective financial & accounting outsourcing solutions and technical support services for its 2,000+ customers (ranging from SMEs to enterprises across all industry verticals). With an employee size of 1,600+ strong located in India and the US, Quatrro BSS has around 30 employees dedicated to providing internal IT support, whilst the remaining employees focus on serving external customers with their outsourcing needs.

Rescue offers us a good solution when we’re troubleshooting and diagnosing customers’ machines and servers.

Paran Singh, Manager, Technical Services, Quatrro BSS

With a mission of helping customers around the globe overcome IT challenges, Quatrro BSS needed a platform capable of empowering its technical services team to comprehensively manage client infrastructure remotely.

“We needed a platform to manage customers’ complete infrastructure, including servers, firewalls, switches, networks, and routers. We needed something that would enable us to continuously monitor all of these devices, collecting logs and artifacts that would allow us to prepare a plan of action to avoid future issues,” said Paran Singh, Quatrro BSS’s manager, technical services.

But the platform also had to serve the company’s internal customers effectively. Gautam Kuman, deputy manager, IT-infra for Quatrro BSS explained, “We also need to provide internal IT support for our employees through our 30+ IT support team.“


Quatrro BSS researched its options, ultimately choosing to add LogMeIn Rescue - now Rescue built by GoTo - to its suite of technology solutions. “We needed a platform that was capable of managing a hybrid environment, both from the traditional on-premise environment with physical devices and also devices in the cloud. Using Rescue, we have better control when working on a customer’s computer,” Singh said.

He continued, “We can perform the tasks freely without requiring much customer intervention. And customers can see what we’re doing on their computers, which helps alleviate any security concerns. Rescue offers us a good solution when we’re troubleshooting and diagnosing customers’ machines and servers.” employees through our 30+ IT support team.“


A LogMeIn - now GoTo - customer for 10+ years, Quatrro BSS appreciates the platform’s flexibility and security. “When engineers are working over remote sessions using Rescue, they have better control on customers’ machines — the customer can basically end the session at any point, which makes the whole process feel more transparent and secure,” said Singh.

With its current suite of IT management and support technology including Rescue, the company’s engineers are able to more efficiently solve customer problems which in turn help boost employee productivity, whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding service level agreements.

“Overall, using Rescue has been a good experience,” Singh concluded.

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