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Video: How Supportwave (formerly NerdApp) rescues customers with remote support and camera sharing

Laurie Asmus.

Laurie Asmus

December 30, 2022

Supportwave's Chief Technology Officer, Darren Strydom, recently attended Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, where GoTo’s Joe Walsh, Senior Director of Global Marketing, asked for a behind-the-scenes peek at how Supportwave’s technicians (“IT professionals”) use Rescue to deliver global, on-demand IT support to its customers.

The backstory

Supportwave is an on-demand IT support marketplace that offers remote and onsite support for organizations worldwide. The company connects businesses with verified IT professionals to help with any IT-related issues, around the clock, both remotely and onsite. Simply put, Supportwave puts out a lot of fires for customers. 

While revolutionary in approach, the company had several pain points – disparate software used by IT professionals, for one. Supportwave sought Rescue from GoTo for a more seamless delivery of services and processes. And what a rescue it was, according to Darren.

“We found GoTo and it’s been a marriage made in heaven! It’s really given us the tools to have every opportunity to solve customers’ problems.”

A fragmented approach leads to an inconsistent experience

Supportwave's global network of IT professionals were all using different software to deliver remote support. To say this caused confusion was an understatement. There was no standard way for the company to monitor performance, review calls or settle disputes.

Supportwave wanted better control of the company’s remote support ecosystem, plus they wanted all customers to have the same quality experience no matter where in the world they were. The company also wanted to help IT professionals work more efficiently and effectively and protect all parties from potential problems.

The solution was a single supplier

After exploring a number of technology suppliers, Supportwave found that Rescue from GoTo checked all the boxes. As remote support software built for enterprises, Rescue is complete with advanced security, powerful features, and easy integrations. Bottom line: it’s best-in-class, enterprise-grade remote IT support.

What did Rescue resolve? The software connects in seconds to any mobile device or computer, so IT professionals can support employees or customers easily. Darren demonstrated to Joe the ease with which Rescue works. He explained that all he has to do is open the console, and a job number pops up that allows him to connect to the customer’s computer. He sees the app open on the customer’s side, presses “Play,” and he’s connected. He can then initiate a remote control session

“Now I have full access, I can go full screen and help the customer with their IT problem.”

Today, all remote jobs on the Supportwave platform use Rescue to provide remote support. It’s fully integrated into the job flow, providing a seamless process for customer and IT professional alike. IT professionals can now easily perform onsite level work through the remote platform, which extends Supportwave’s reach into countries where they currently lack IT professionals on the ground. 

As an added benefit, Supportwave also chose to use Rescue Live Lens from GoTo, which enables customers to use their camera to share live video with their remote support engineer—with zero downloads.

“One of the features that really attracted us to Rescue was the ability to use the customer’s camera. This gives us the ability to offer onsite level support, remotely, and everyone wins, everyone’s happy!” 

Darren can’t say enough about GoTo:

“GoTo has a strong reputation in the industry, and the level and ease of integration with Rescue really set it apart. It also offered the white labeling ability we needed to present to customers as a Supportwave-branded tool. This, combined with the pricing and the company’s flexibility in adapting licensing arrangements to suit our business model, made GoTo the clear first choice.” 


Watch the walkthrough of Supportwave’s installation and learn more about Rescue 


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