See how Supportwave leans on Rescue remote support for its speed and simplicity


Supportwave is a revolutionary on-demand IT support marketplace, offering remote and on-site support from a global network of verified IT professionals. It gives businesses with distributed workforces instant access to a pool of highly skilled IT support engineers worldwide.

Rescue was so easy to integrate within Supportwave, and the GoTo team gave excellent support throughout the whole process. As we continue to build the company, Rescue has provided an essential piece in the puzzle, tying everything together into a neatly wrapped package that enables our IT professionals to deliver consistently high service standards worldwide.

Darren Strydom, CTO, Supportwave

The company’s global network of IT professionals were all using different software to deliver remote support, meaning there was no standard way for the company to monitor performance, review calls, or settle disputes.

Darren Strydom, CTO of Supportwave, says: “We needed a platform that our IT experts could use to make their remote support as secure, seamless, and pain-free as possible for the customer, with no software installation needed. It also had to be a good fit for the IT experts, helping them do their work better without interfering with the job process.”

Supportwave wanted to better control its remote support ecosystem by choosing a single vendor. This would give all customers the same quality experience, enable our IT experts to work more efficiently and effectively, and help Supportwave protect all parties from potential problems.


Supportwave explored a number of technology suppliers. However, a technical demonstration of Rescue remote support software from GoTo convinced Supportwave that this was the optimum solution.

Darren says: “GoTo has a strong reputation in the industry, and the level and ease of integration with Rescue really set it apart. It also offered the white labelling ability we needed to present it to customers as a Supportwave-branded tool. This, combined with the pricing and the company’s flexibility in adapting licensing arrangements to suit our business model, made GoTo the clear first choice.”

Supportwave also chose to use Live Lens from GoTo, which enables customers to use their camera to share live video with their remote support engineer, to improve problem resolution.

Darren adds: “The Live Lens option was an absolute winner for us. It enables our IT experts to perform on-site level work through the remote platform, extending our reach into countries where we don’t currently have a team on the ground.”


Every remote job on the IT experts platform now uses Rescue to provide remote support. It is fully integrated into the job flow, providing a seamless process for customers and our IT professionals alike.

Darren says: “The uptake by our IT experts has been wonderful, and the feedback is very positive. Customers love it too; they just have to download a small file and they are connected – there is no software to install, and no codes or passwords to share. Rapid connection also means customers get better value from the time they spend on a call with our IT experts.”

Rescue and Live Lens have enhanced the ability of Supportwave professionals to solve customer problems. The TrustPilot ratings for Supportwave reflect this, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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