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3 Business Benefits You Can See for Yourself with Rescue Live Lens

Laurie Asmus.

Laurie Asmus

June 04, 2020


There can be a lot of detail lost in translation when a customer or remote employee attempts to explain what’s going on with their physical equipment and spaces.

“I’ve already released the yellow tab thing but I don’t see a paper jam.”

“My router isn’t working but all the lights are blinking like crazy.”

“I don’t think I received all the parts, but I don’t know what’s missing.”

On the other side of the conversation, it can be equally as difficult for an agent to verbally explain a fix to a non-technical user. Agents and end-users don’t necessarily speak the same language.

This can lead to long and frustrating calls, which are 100% avoidable with the right camera-sharing technology.

Not all camera-sharing solutions are up to the task.

The #1 problem with current tools is requiring the customer to download an app. It’s time-consuming and confusing, and customers may be reluctant to download an app for one-time use.

Another big problem is not having the ability to add visual cues to guide the customer. Highlighting key areas and numbering multi-step processes can go a long way.

Live lens look. 

Rescue Live Lens solves these problems with instant, browser-based video support and easy-to-follow agent annotations. This leads to 3 big benefits:

1. Provide a Better Customer Experience (CX)

CX is the battlefield for businesses today.

Companies must stay competitive by improving experiences at every turn.

Because Live Lens doesn’t require a download, agents can be virtually on-site with customers and remote employees in an instant, then use annotations to make guidance crystal clear. This allows you to eliminate the guessing game, tighten up call times, and empower customers to handle similar issues in the future.

2. Reduce Unnecessary Truck Rolls

With no downloads, there are no barriers to starting a remote session. You can save a trip by fixing simple issues on the spot.

If you still need to go on-site, use Live Lens to visually assess the issue beforehand and ensure that the right tools, parts, and technicians are available for the job.

3. Leverage Senior Expertise

You can’t clone your senior support teams and product experts, but you can use them as a lifeline whenever field service teams and third parties, like facilities managers, need a hand. Issues are solved faster, and less experienced techs have the opportunity to learn from their guidance.

Customers and remote employees rely on you for fast, frictionless support. Are you providing that, even for physical equipment and spaces? Make sure your video support solution is up to the task. Schedule a Live Lens demo today to see instant camera sharing with agent annotations in action.

See how Rescue Live Lens lets you be on-site in an instant. Click to request a demo.

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