Virtual World Tour: See How IT Leaders Are Powering Remote Work in Your Area

Laurie Asmus.

Laurie Asmus

March 31, 2021


After 2020 disrupted office-centric work as we know it, the world is now settling into remote work for the long term. But what does this look like, really? How have organizations solved for remote work and what challenges remain for 2021 and beyond? We decided to drop in on IT leaders around the world to find out.

We bring you: Powering Remote Work, Virtual World Tour

Join us for data-driven discussions with IT leaders from the US, DACH region and more to find out how they have handled the shift to remote work and how they plan to move forward. Each discussion will be led by an expert at LogMeIn and will feature regional insights from our exclusive IDG study on remote work.  

“These conversations will help contextualize insights from our remote work study and give IT leaders a real-world look at how specific organizations are solving for remote work,” says Marie Ruzzo, Director of Remote Support at LogMeIn. “We ask them directly about their experience and for their advice to others in their roles, so the takeaways are extremely targeted and relevant.”

Featured guests include:

  • United States: Chad Wolfe, Production Engineer at Nationwide Insurance
  • Germany/Switzerland: Alex Schlatter, Operative Process Manager at Swisscom
  • Plus other special guests, to be announced soon

Join us for Powering Remote Work, Virtual World Tour to learn:

  • How organizations are taking an aggressive posture to combat cyberthreats  
  • What’s needed most from your remote work tools to support flexible work 
  • Steps you should take to scale your remote work tools and secure your remote workforce  

It all begins on April 20 with on-demand access available afterward.Register today.

And for more insights from IT leaders, browse our customer stories.

Virtual Event announcement: See how IT leaders are navigating the future of remote work.

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