The Death of Average Handle Time: Now What?

Giana Manzi.

Giana Manzi

June 10, 2019


As the world continues to get a handle on the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the sudden shift to social distancing has resulted in new challenges that are especially acute for brick-and-mortar based businesses, field service teams, and IT support.

Businesses are struggling to maintain a high level of customer service while managing the safety of their customers and employees. How can you resolve issues with physical equipment and environments in the new socially distanced reality?

Click to see On-Demand Webinar: See What your Customer Sees: Visual Customer Service and IT Support in the Age of Social Distancing.

Despite the challenges ahead, you can find your footing. Visual engagement technology, like Rescue Live Lens instant camera sharing, has emerged as a truly helpful, fast, and effective way to bridge the distance gap.

Top 3 things you should know about Live Lens:

  • Live Lens is entirely browser-based, which means there’s no need for the agent or customer to download and install an app.

  • This is a game-changer, saving precious time and any confusion around how to get started.

  • It uses your customer’s mobile device camera (iPhone, Android or Windows phone or tablet) to see what your customer sees in an instant.

  • Agents can pause the live video feed and draw annotations on the screen to help guide customers through fixes. See a quick demo in our recent webinar recording.

So that’s how it works, but what does it let you do?

Maintain a high level of customer service.

If you have a physical location where customers bring in products to be evaluated, or if you send agents into customers’ homes for things like equipment installations, repairs, or even validation for insurance or warranty claims, you no longer want to risk the safety of your customers or employees.

  • Reduce the need for in-person visits, especially for unnecessary customer returns. Visually guide customers through setup and usage to ensure they can use your product.

  • Reduce truck rolls for field service teams. Remotely guide customers through simple fixes and installations to keep everyone safe.

  • If a visit is required, evaluate the issue beforehand to ensure the right parts and technician are sent on-site. Remember, customers don’t want someone to come to their house just to triage. See the issue in advance so you are prepared to take care of everything in one visit.

  • Leverage senior support teams remotely. Confidently dispatch junior support teams and build their experience, knowing that additional expertise is instantly available.

Support uncharted employee needs.

Your business may be customer-centric, but your employees are the backbone of your organization. Even if you were leaning toward remote work, now all employees have been thrust into working from home full time with home workstations running various wi-fi routers, printers, headsets, and other equipment. Internal IT now has to be the jack of all trades to help figure all of this out.

Instant camera sharing lets IT teams work shoulder-to-shoulder with remote employees.

  • Be more efficient with virtual IT support. Rather than rely on their description, use the employee’s mobile device camera to see equipment for yourself.

  • Save costs and downtime without requiring your employee to ship a device. Handle issues remotely to keep them working and productive.

  • Enable small satellite offices. You don’t need IT staff work in these smaller offices because they can manage office equipment virtually.

What we do today defines our post-pandemic normal.

As customers continue to flock to digital and entire workforces work from home in our new socially distanced reality, it will be critical to take an agile approach to your customer and employee engagement strategy, adjusting in real-time to their changing needs.

In doing so, a new normal will be created. New trends are already emerging, and new processes are being put into place that will shift customer and employee expectations. Will you be ready to continue to support devices and environments remotely moving forward?

We dig deeper into this topic, show a quick demo of Live Lens, and answer some questions in our webinar: See What Your Customer Sees: Visual Remote Customer Service and IT Support in the Age of Social Distancing. Watch on-demand to learn more.

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