Remote Support Is One Test Your Academic Help Desk Needs to Ace

Katie Steward.

Katie Steward

August 02, 2021


While students are busy squeezing in last-minute summer fun, shopping for back-to-school supplies and outfitting dorm rooms, IT teams are hard at work to ensure their schools are prepared to support students, faculty and staff in a world forever changed by the pandemic. After more than a year of reacting to rapid changes, quickly adopting solutions to support remote learning environments and juggling an increase of demands on their time, IT teams are putting together proactive strategies to increase flexibility and accessibility to learning for all.

That impacts what solutions you need in your IT toolkit. Here’s how Rescue can help.

Remote Support for Higher Ed

Ensure peace of mind.

Support your school’s ability to stay resilient and secure through future changes. Rescue will not only arm your support team with the information and tools they need to diagnose and troubleshoot tech issues fast across different ecosystems and devices, but also provide the same level of security encryption used in the financial industry to prevent hacks and protect data.

Flexible to fit how you work.

Whether it is assisting a student with an audio drive for an online lecture or troubleshooting a tablet that needs access to the VPN, Rescue provides the right tools for your technicians to be more effective and more responsive. Plus, Rescue can flex as you flex. With concurrent access and permissions, you can add a seat – or twenty – on demand.

Purpose-built makes support simple.

In an effort to act fast during the pandemic, some schools co-opted other solutions like meeting tools to offer remote support, but this is not a good idea. Rescue is made for enterprise-grade remote support, easy for student IT staff to use and powerful enough to support all problems. Rescue can support any device and offers remote control, system diagnostics, device configuration, integrations, and more.

Remote Support for K-12

The ease of the cloud.

K-12 IT environments are usually flexible, requiring equally flexible support. Cloud-based apps are easy for teachers and students to access and use, easy for IT to deploy without having to worry about provisioning, and there are no additional servers or software to set up or maintain. Rescue is also cloud-based, so it’s quick to deploy, efficient to use, and easy and secure to connect.

Support a mix of devices.

An explosion of device types and operating systems used by students and teachers means IT will need to support a mix of devices like Macs and PCs, as well as mobile devices and tablets. Rescue can support the diverse needs of every student, faculty and staff member to keep your school resilient and secure.

Speed and transparency.

As a purpose-built remote support solution, Rescue allows you to act fast and work efficiently to solve problems. It also provides peace of mind to students or parents receiving support on their personal devices. No software is left behind on the device and Rescue gives the end user full transparency into what the technician is doing.

Always remote-ready.

K-12 schools will likely stay focused on providing in-person learning, but there will be times when remote learning is needed. (The pandemic has taught us that much. Plus, snow days.) Rescue provides a way curriculum can stay on track and keep students engaged and learning without a gap in instruction.

“Rescue lets us provide a higher level of support to our customers, and users are over the moon with it. It allows us to be more supportive, and they can just step back from their machine and let us fix it.”

— Michael O'Leary, Manager of Client Services at Southern New Hampshire University

Ace Remote Support This Year

Enjoy a 25% back-to-school discount off Rescue until August 9, 2021. Better yet, be an IT Hero with best-in-class remote support and password management solutions powered by LogMeIn Rescue and LastPass together. Enjoy an additional 25% off LastPass Business and Families through August 9th. LastPass protects your students, faculty and staff with best-in-class password management, because students should type assignments, not passwords.

Rescue and LastPass are supporting education by partnering with Coder Dojo.

Not only can you enjoy a discount on Rescue and LastPass products from now until August 9th, but your purchase will also support cyber-security education with $1 from each purchase donated to Coder Dojo, a global volunteer-led community of free programming workshops for young people between seven and 17.

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