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New Resources for Turbulent Times: 4 Steps to Set Up Your Remote IT Helpdesk

Chris Handley.

Chris Handley

September 11, 2020


As a product manager for Rescue, LogMeIn’s remote support solution, I’ve seen a lot of new customers onboard in the past few months who are facing unique and critical challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are having to set up remote internal IT help desks, adapt to remote work, and quickly adjust to a new normal that’s unlike anything the workforce has ever experienced before.

To that end, we’ve created a set of step-by-step videos (plus additional helpful resources) specifically geared toward helping organizations who are getting started with remote support and setting up a remote IT help desk, many for the first time. If you’ve already made some headway with virtual IT, these resources may be helpful in filling in the gaps as you grapple with how to support a fully remote workforce.

In these videos, we’re taking what we’re hearing from new and existing customers and translating our insights into actions that you can take step by step to successfully stand up your remote IT helpdesk. Here’s a sneak peek.

4 Steps to Setting up Remote IT

Step 1: Overcome Early Challenges

There are three big challenges organizations are suddenly facing. The reality of thousands of workers now tapping into remote systems like VPNs is putting a strain on IT infrastructure. Access is now more difficult as IT teams cannot simply drop by an employee’s desk. And there are security challenges with phishers and scammers looking to take advantage of this unique situation. Learn best practices to tackle these three areas.

Step 2: Support Uncharted Employee Needs

Again, IT used to be able to drop by an employee’s desk to solve any issues they’re having with equipment. Now that workers are remote, IT help desks must find ways to close the distance gap and work to support employees in their home workspaces, which are often equipped with IT that isn’t company-issued or sanctioned. The best way to solve it is to see it.

Step 3: Arm IT Support Teams with Superpowers

As help desks are under more pressure to support fully remote workforces, they will need the right toolsets to make remote support sessions as fast and efficient as possible. We discuss the key remote support features that matter most right now to keep employees working and to make your technicians’ jobs easier.

Step 4: Stay Connected to Employees

In such an uncertain time, employees may be feeling isolated and disconnected working alone in their homes without the opportunity to collaborate in a shared office space. This isn’t a burden that IT must carry alone, but it is something that offering clear and immediate connections to your help desk can help with. When employees have an IT issue, they know they have a lifeline.

There’s certainly a lot to unpack and figure out as companies work to set up remote IT help desks to support a fully remote workforce. Please leverage these resources to help you navigate these turbulent times.

We’d also love to hear how you’ve adopted and created your new normal. Follow us on Twitter @LogMeInRescue and share your new way of work using #remotework #newnormal.

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