Customer Support in the Era of Digital Transformation

Courtney Dragoon

December 12, 2018


As the old saying goes, “the only constant is change.” And in the era of digital transformation, change is everywhere. Support is no exception. Whether we’re talking about internal employee support or external customer support, how we want to be supported and what defines a good support experience are rapidly evolving concepts. Companies are being challenged to provide fast, simple support across a variety of channels.

But it’s important to note that digital transformation is not just about adding a new engagement channel here or there. Instead it’s about taking a fresh look at the people, process and technologies that are running a support organization and determining how new digital technologies can open up new opportunities. When it comes to support, embracing this transformation likely means:

  • Creating an end-to-end customer experience for a 3x5-inch screen

  • Supporting customers on their preferred devices

  • Leveraging digital formats to streamline interactions

If you’re a hold-out thinking that your customers are OK with the email and phone support you currently offer, you’re assuming too much. Given the choice, your customers might prefer using another support channel, like social media, live chat or a self-service knowledge base. And chances are your customers aren’t always hunkered down in front of a computer when they call in for support. They are just as likely to be on the move using a mobile device. Being able to help them on any device and from any location is key in this new era.

In the end, digital transformation – at least when it comes to service and support – is very much about being more customer-centric by providing support that is fast, easy and available wherever customers are. This nurtures loyalty, while also cutting down on costs, call-handling times and downtime and increasing resolution speed.

Digital transformation is happening now. In this new support landscape, sticking with what worked yesterday won’t carry you through tomorrow. You can’t afford to watch from the sidelines – you need to be on the playing field where your customers are.

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