Five tips for building and keeping customer trust


Customer trust matters. Earning a customer’s trust starts with the basics. Bloomberg columnist and sales consultant, Michelle Nichols, explains:

"When your customers trust you, you can charge higher prices than your competitors do, offer a different feature set than your customers are looking for, and require a longer wait for delivery—and customers will still buy from you.”1

Building off Nichols’ recommendations, we’ve created a list of five additional tips on how to build trust with your customers.

  1. Don’t make exaggerated claims about your products.
    Sure, you’ll want to frame things in the best possible light, but steer clear of making any statements that sound too good to be true – unless you can back them up.

  2. To thine own niche be true.
    If your products are aimed at a niche market, make sure that they serve that niche and are clear about serving it. And if your products are more general purpose, make sure that you’re always giving your customers a reason to choose you: price, quality, a special feature, etc.

  3. Be on time.
    If you promise a customer that something will ship by Friday, make every effort to make sure it does. And if you slip your date, let your customer know and offer them up a little something in return. Everybody appreciates a coupon!

  4. Fix problems. Quickly.
    This should go without saying. But maybe the problem isn’t something that will stop a user in their tracks and prevent them from using it. Maybe it’s a design flaw, something that could have been better thought through. If most of your customers are telling you there’s a problem, there is. Do something about it.

  5. Help your customers.
    Few things turn an customer into an ex-customer faster than poor support: long wait times, wrong answers, kick-the-can to yet another customer service rep. Make sure that your customer support center is trained and equipped to actually provide support.

Give your customers a reason to trust you and they will. Lose their trust, and you’ll lose their business.

  1. Bloomberg

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