Mobile Remote Support: The Next Chapter

Chris Savio.

Chris Savio

September 21, 2017


To say that smartphones are most people’s lifeline to the world may seem obvious, but believe it or not, I still encounter customers deciding if they want to provide support for mobile devices.  Accounting for 60% of smart connected devices today, and estimated at 6 billion devices in circulation by 2020, mobile support is no longer a choice; it’s a must.

Whether it’s software providers struggling to properly support their mobile apps or IT organizations trying to decide if it’s to their benefit to support BYOD mobile technology, support for mobile devices has not grown with the same velocity as the market.  While it’s unfortunate, it isn’t all that surprising. There are so many different devices running different OS versions and customizations.  Trying to support them all can feel like you are opening a Pandora’s box. And we all know how that story ends.

With Rescue we’re always working to make mobile support easier and more accessible, and with the launch of iOS 11 this week we’re able to take a big step forward. We will be expanding our industry-leading mobile capabilities to include screen sharing of devices running iOS 11, making it easier to support end users on iPhones and iPads.  This update will allow for functionality no other remote support provider has been able to offer - the ability to seamlessly troubleshoot and guide customers across their whole device - in real-time. This coupled with Rescue’s iOS device and email configuration, chat, URL pushing, live video streaming, extensive reporting, and more gives support teams a powerful tool to bolster or introduce a mobile support strategy.

LogMeIn Rescue screen recording window. 

This enhancement adds to the already broad suite of tasks you can already accomplish with Rescue. From remote controlling older Motorola devices on Android 4.0 to newer Samsung devices running 7.0, from pushing email and network configures on iPhones to embedding Rescue chat and co-browsing right into your own mobile apps, Rescue has you covered.

In addition to this iOS update, this year we’ve taken a number of other steps to improve the mobile experience. We’ve enhanced the Rescue experience on Samsung devices running Android 5.0 or later so you can support users with our advanced remote functionality, such as Remote Control and device configuration, without a user needing to download an add-on app. Last month we also improved upon our Android Software Development Kits (SDK) - which already allowed for in-app co-browse, chat, Lens functionality, and more - to give organizations the ability to build functionality into their application to remotely view the user’s whole device.

Keep an eye out for more information on how to try out Rescue’s new and improve iOS mobile functionality.

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