Providing 'quietly brilliant' support to HTC users worldwide.


The majority of HTC mobile devices in use are pre-configured with LogMeIn Rescue for any impromptu support need, and Rescue is used by hundreds of customer support representatives throughout HTC’s contact center ecosystem.

At HTC, a commitment to providing excellent, hassle-free customer experience is central to our strategy. With LogMeIn Rescue, we’re able to live up to this promise.

Graham Wheeler, EMEA Regional Operations Head, HTC

With tens of millions of their phones in use worldwide, HTC is committed to providing the best customer experience in the mobile industry. They support their customers through contact centers located around the globe, and owned and operated by HTC partners. As mobile device ownership spreads, more and more of these devices are in the hands of non-technical users. Working with these end users can be a challenge. They often have a difficult time explaining to a customer service representative what’s going on, beyond “it’s not working.” Unfamiliar with even common technical terms, they may also have a hard time following a representative’s instructions. Many of the problems HTC customers experienced were related to users’ attempts to synchronize their mobile phone with their personal computer to transfer pictures, videos, and music. This made support even more complex, as support reps had to juggle instructions on two devices simultaneously. Confusion often reigned, and the result was inefficient support and unsatisfied customers.

The experience of one HTC contact center partner is typical.

Cairo-based Raya Corp supports HTC mobile phone customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Along with other of HTC’s outsourced support providers, Raya had been providing phone-based support. With so many non-technical customers, this type of support was proving impractical. Customers were having a difficult time explaining their problems to call center representatives, struggling to describe a problem and often unable to provide diagnostic information. When agents tried to troubleshoot, customers were often overwhelmed trying to follow complicated steps, and had little understanding of the terminology being used. Support calls were long, and first call resolution unlikely. Customer satisfaction suffered as customers were often required to bring or send phones back in for even the most minor of repairs. HTC recognized that, in order to improve customer satisfaction, they needed to implement a remote support solution.


For its remote support solution, HTC chose LogMeIn Rescue + Mobile, which supports all HTC Android 2.3+ devices, as well as the computers that so many of HTC phone users were trying to keep in synch with. HTC chose LogMeIn because of its technical excellence and reliability, its superior support for mobile devices, and a vision focused on continually improving the customer experience for its clients. Since selecting Rescue in 2012, HTC has pre-deployed a LogMeIn Rescue applet on its Android devices. This gives HTC end users the ability to instantaneously and securely connect their devices to a customer care representatives. Once connected, support technicians can run remote diagnostics, push common device and network configuration settings, and remotely control the customer’s devices – both mobile devices from HTC and a customer’s personal computer. Support representatives can troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix problems, without having to involve the end user.

In addition to the ability to simultaneously control sessions on both a mobile device and a PC, other extensively-used Rescue features include chat, remote control, pushing scripts/drivers, and Click2Fix to push settings to a device.


Today, the majority of HTC mobile devices in use are pre-configured with LogMeIn Rescue for any impromptu support need, and Rescue is used by hundreds of customer support representatives throughout HTC’s contact center ecosystem.

In the words of Raya’s Ibtihal Adel, “LogMeIn Rescue has been tremendously beneficial for our contact center. We are thankful and grateful for having a tool that is helping us satisfy our customers.”

For contact center representatives, Rescue is also a motivator. As part of its commitment to providing an excellent customer experience, HTC runs a quarterly rewards program, “Quietly Brilliant.” These rewards are given to customer support representatives who go the extra mile to support HTC’s customers through their direct engagement with customers, or by creating scripts – shared among other representatives - that fix commonly experienced problems. Use of Rescue is a prominent characteristic of “Quietly Brilliant” award winners. The majority consistently use LogMeIn Rescue to provide remote support.

Improved customer satisfaction. Increased first call resolution. Decreased call handle time. Fewer costly product send-backs. For HTC, LogMeIn Rescue continues to be quietly brilliant.

The benefits that Raya has realized are typical of those experienced by all HTC contact centers.

  • Customer Satisfaction ratings of Satisfied/Very Satisfied achieved on 100% of calls where Rescue is used First call resolution of 90-95%, a significant improvement over FCR rates prior to implementing Rescue Decreased call handle times, especially when working with non-technical customers