How Rescue ensured effective remote support for Evalueserve.

How Rescue ensured effective remote support for Evalueserve.

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Evalueserve is a global analytics services provider that simplifies business management processes. Being an analytics partner for global enterprises, Evalueserve works as a strategic companion for Fortune500 organizations, globally ⁠— offering research, analytics, and data management services.

Thank you for Rescue-ing us. LogMeIn team has been very supportive and responsive to our requirements during critical times.

Anuj Joshi, VP Information Technology, Evalueserve

“The major question was ⁠— how to provide secure remote support during this work-from-home period?”

As a global enterprise, Evalueserve has multiple offices for their teams across geographies. A robust internal setup meant that any system hiccups are quickly resolved through physical intervention. But the current work-from-home scenario faced around the globe brought a shift in the day-to-day operations.

The over dependence on remote IT support for employees working from home got challenging for the firm, as employees and customers from all over the world needed to be served consistently. An increase in the number of tickets raised and recurring IT concerns pushed Evalueserve to seek a reliable solution for seamless remote support for team members and clients — one that also offered reliability, security, and operational efficiency.


Rescue by LogMeIn emerged as an ideal solution to tackle these challenges, with a unique combination of system integration and communication features. LogMeIn’s solution also offered value-added support services such as multi-platform assistance and tailored customer experience for users.

LogMeIn Rescue’s integration and unattended access features enabled seamless communication between teams and systems. Rescue also allowed hassle-free integration between multiple platforms ⁠— allowing quicker resolution of issues and more efficient operations by eliminating unnecessary steps towards troubleshooting.

The solution ensured the security of client and business data by providing industry-standard security against cyber threats. This was enhanced through deep security controls and permission-based access.


LogMeIn Rescue resulted in increased customer satisfaction— promising reliability, security, and ease of resolution for the employees. The tool served as a trusted solution during these challenging times by connecting employees seamlessly.

  • With the implementation of Rescue, Service Level Agreement (SLA) stayed intact at 95% even during the work-from-home period
  • Rescue enabled remote and seamless troubleshooting, whereas earlier they were required to be present in the office physically
  • Resolved tickets more efficiently by reducing the bandwidth required ⁠— as only the end-user and technician are involved in the process
  • Rescue fixed bottlenecks even at reduced network speeds
  • Rescue also allowed to leverage stronger control over remote access, compared to other portals
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