See how Rescue helps Cognizant support their 350,000 global employees with best-in-class, secure IT support.


Cognizant engineers modern businesses, helping its clients modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they can stay ahead in our fast-changing world. As of 2021, Cognizant was ranked 185th on the Fortune 500.

Rescue has helped us achieve our global goal of consolidation in terms of the same tool being used by our 750 plus technicians, ease of use in terms of the various shortcuts and tools, and it enables us with a single view of their performance through robust reporting and controls.

Timothy J. Dwyer VP, Global Engineering and Operations, IT

Like hundreds of other companies and with locations spread across the globe, Cognizant technicians and their employees were impacted by the COVID pandemic that shuttered office doors and drove remote and hybrid work adoption. Realizing this, Cognizant quickly adjusted to ensure it continued to deliver stellar service. Its previous solution faced issues: specifically, technicians and employees had difficulty reconnecting back to the same remote support session, causing frustration, increasing average handle time (AHT) and ticket resolution time, and leading to low customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Cognizant’s IT team realized it needed a secure solution capable of supporting remote work, providing user account control (UAC), recording logs, and reports of all remote logins.


Cognizant evaluated numerous solutions, ultimately choosing Rescue by GoTo. The company appreciated Rescue’s ability to enable secure remote support connections, Rescue provides AES 256-bit encrypted connections, ensuring that only licensed technicians can initiate sessions. Additionally, Rescue doesn’t store any customer PII data, making the product even more secure. And unlike the company’s previous solution, Rescue allows the IT Helpdesk Team to elevate themselves to admin users if required enabling them to seamlessly interact with remote machines without negatively impacting the employee experience. In addition, Rescue allows technicians to run the Rescue Applet as a Windows System Service Local System account or Mac OS X daemon, which allows user account control.

Rescue allows service desk technicians and associates to seamlessly support employees, regardless of their location or device. Rescue maintains logs and provides reporting, helping Cognizant’s IT team manage technician time more efficiently and providing valuable data points for internal audits and forensics. In addition, Rescue allows technicians and employees to reboot and reconnect to the same ongoing session, empowering them to collaborate with internal and external experts during an ongoing session without needing to hop tickets.


The relationship has been mutually beneficial. Cognizant has realized significant benefits since implementing Rescue, including:

  • 734 technicians use Rescue for an average of 44,000 monthly sessions
  • 45% utilization rate of Rescue features boosted technician productivity
  • 14% reduction in average handling time allowed Cognizant to maintain its staffing levels even as call volumes increased
  • 5 min reboot/reconnect time, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and optimized call resolution.
  • First Level Resolution (FLR) is at 83% far exceeding the prior level of 76%
  • Maintained 97% CSAT even as 500+ technicians were adopting the new tool

With its wide and diverse experience managing 350K employees spread across the globe, Cognizant has provided constructive feedback on product features including Rescue’s script library and live translation service – powerful functionality that impacts technician efficiency and customer satisfaction for Cognizant and other enterprise customers.

“Rescue by GoTo partnered with us and enabled us to achieve 3 key operating objectives: standardizing support globally, removing complexity from the operating environment and providing a powerful single console to ensure optimal performance,” Timothy J. Dwyer, VP - Global Engineering and Operations, IT at Cognizant.

“Rescue by GoTo has surely provided a secure platform for our users to reach out to our technicians, which has further enhanced our end user experience.” Ramesh Gopalakrishnan, Director of Global IT - Digital Workplace Services at Cognizant, agrees.

“Rescue by GoTo helps us support our 350,000 global employees with best-in-class IT support, has aided our service desk operations, and connected all our domain experts on a single platform. The Administrative Controls and live operations view have helped analyze and summarize the productivity and efficiency of our technicians. Rescue has provided a secure, scalable platform and has been of immense help for key KPIs like CSAT and FLR, which has really optimized our end user and my team’s experience,” he concluded.

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